Daily Draw — Personal Forecast for March 21, 2012

I can see that the themes of the week coming up in previous readings (i.e. my personal weekly draw, as well as yesterday’s read) are culminating and percolating. Today’s feels like a positive breakthrough.

8 of Swords showed up in my Weekly Draw and in my Daily Draw yesterday. The Rider and The Path also showed up yesterday in my daily draw.

The High Tower, the center of this read, has been coming up on a regular basis in my cards. Issues with authority figures at work, dealing with a lawsuit, and an upcoming surgery all fall into the domain of The High Tower. The 8 of Swords also shows a path to a tower, located behind a gate that is actually unlocked. Bringing attention to the need to shift perspectives, focusing on personal desires and light heartedness.

The Lenormand deck I used to pull the cards was Les Vieux Jours Lenormand. And Mary El Tarot was the other deck from which I actually pulled. The rest of the cards were arranged so I can get a better perspective. I love to see how the image of the tower seems to reverberate as a spinal column through all of the cards.

News of changes / choices / and new decisions due to a very important visit at work are reflected by Rider + Road + Tower.

These changes are of hope and are linked to new opportunities and possible promotions. Tower + Stars + Storks

It also may well talk about my upcoming skin grafting surgery — in the medical sense Stars are connected to the skin, and the Storks talk about movement (often upward). The grafting on my body will be done by removing skin from my thigh and reattaching it to my shoulder.

Rider + Path + Tower + Stars + Storks and 8 of Swords


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