Memorable Reads

Every reading is unique, and, as my Playing Cards Oracle teacher, Ana Cortez, says: “Perfect!” Divination and fortunetelling are transformative arts. As we grow in our techniques, mature into our wisdom, and develop sturdier bonds of trust with our intuition, so do the perfection and intricacy of our predictions grow and blossom. Yet at times some spreads seem confusing and complicated, while others communicate to us brilliantly clear.

And some of those become memorable. These are the draws that stay in my mind as pivotal touches of Spirits. A reminder of the power of the Divine, and the ability to predict that which will come.

Recently I had such experience. About 3 weeks ago, as part of my attempt to learn the Lenormand system, I drew 5 cards to read about the following day. It happened to be February 29th, a Leap day. And I wanted to get insight into March 1st.

The cards I pulled were:

Sun  +  Coffin  +  Letter  +  Bear  +  Garden

Mystical Lenormand deck Sun+Coffin+Letter+Bear+Garden

The following morning, while on my way to work, I called my parents. March 1st is their anniversary, and I phoned to congratulate them. Hearing my mother’s voice I begun with the usual :”I wish you…,” but she stopped me. “Your uncle had a heart attack,” she said. “He is in the emergency room. We don’t have much details yet.”

A mental image of last night’s spread flashed in my mind’s eye. I told my mother not to worry. “Uncle Sasha is going to be OK. I saw it in the cards.”

The more I thought about that spread the more I was amazed at the accuracy of the information. The Sun represented my parents’ anniversary and my uncle’s vitality, the Coffin stood for the heart attack — my uncle being confined to a bed in a hospital. The Letter is the news that reached me via phone (actually my father had also emailed me 5 minutes before I called them, but I saw the email only afterward).

Bear and Garden represented my uncle’s physical strength and great social support. These are the two cards that made me tell my mother that he will be all right. And he is! Uncle Sasha is home, and back to his usual energetic self. I was told he went fishing straight after being discharged from the hospital.


2 thoughts on “Memorable Reads

  1. Tibor says:

    Hi Nadia
    I love the way you interpreted the cards. You truly owned this reading. I also love the deck that you used (Mystical Lenormand). I have been planning on using this deck soon for one of my readings.

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