Under the Blade, Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be undergoing a major skin reconstruction surgery. Alongside my understandable fears of the surgery I am also experiencing an emotional and spiritual tension because it brings me back into the most horrible time of my life. I am a burn survivor, and this is the first major regrafting I am doing after the actual accident and an initial set of surgeries I had to go through to survive.

The regrafting will be over my right shoulder, with skin taken from my left front thigh. This beautiful image resonates deeply with my current physical and psycho-spiritual state of mind.

I wanted to share with you the cards I pulled to illuminate the upcoming events, and to get advice from Spirit on how to sit with all that I am feeling.

From the Mary-El Tarot I pulled the 9 of Disks:

I also pulled 9 cards from the Postmark Lenormand:

9 seems to be an important number, somehow….

In any case, I am not in any shape to write lengthy interpritations. All I can say that the Mary El Tarot is amazing, and deep, and truly healing. And that the Lenormand system always pack s a punch — Stars symbolize the skin in the body. The Storks talk about movement up (my skin will literally be moved from left thigh to the right shoulder).

Good night my friends. I’ll see you on the other side.


4 thoughts on “Under the Blade, Tomorrow

  1. andybc says:

    Nadia, good luck with your surgery.

    Nine is the number of gestation, like a baby. So it echoes all you’ve done to get here.

    Best wishes

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