Daily Draw: 8 of Disks

It’s amazing how many Earth cards I’ve been drawing lately. Usually I am sword girl. With no earth in my chart and Sun+Moon+Mercury in Gemini, I am used to spreads overloaded  with Air cards. But since I’ve started getting ready for my surgery, a lot of that energy has shifted. I’ve consistently been pulling from the Disks suit in the Mary-El Tarot. And I am grateful because I feel how Spirit helps me to ground in my own body, offering me healing strategies and actual, physical support.

Today’s card is the 8 of Disks.

Daily Draw for March 28th, 2012. 9 of Disks from the Mary-El Tarot

When I look onto this card I feel a great sense of centering. I am able to see the pain of my scars materializing in the form of the two majestic lions in the card. They stand for the burning pain of my past — the flames of my own karma and history. But the focus has shifted.

My eyes are drawn to the calmness of the white color. It’s grounding and reassuring. The red and golden flames of the lions don’t scare me. I am past rage, and I am tired of anger. These lions actually allow some sort of protection. Seeing them and acknowledging my pain, physical and emotional, is an opportunity for release. Have my demons turned into gods?

Close Up of the 8 of Disks

Marie White describes the lamb in the card as the Sun. It’s the seat of Mercy “upon the Ark of the Covenant, flanked by two flaming and blazing seraphim”. “To go to immortality,” she writes, “and not to be thrown to the demon Ammut who will devour you (and purify you by destruction in a lake of fire) your heart must be light. Not heavy and not dark. Light, radiant, shining, a Star, your body filled with the Sun. A spiritual Chariot.”

I’ve been to Ammut’s lake of flames, and I lived. Now I am learning to accept the internal glow of the Sun. To walk with Mercy grounded in my own being.

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