Weekly Personal Forecast: March 26 – April 1, 2012

I dedicate Sunday evenings to devotional ceremonies that culminate into a weekly divination. After attending to the ancestral boveda (shrine) and other altars, I usually spend time meditating and drawing cards from various decks to see what kind of energies will manifest in my life in the coming week. I also cast a handful of bones over the cards, which tends to seal and ground the reading. 

This week the reading was more intense than usual because I knew I am going for a surgery. From the Mary El Tarot I pulled the Queen of Disks, The Wheel of Fortune, and Death. From the Postmark Lenormand I drew: Book – Birds – Path – Mountain – Clover. And the Playing Cards Oracles manifested in: 2 Hearts; Ace of Clubs; 7 Spades; and 10 (Lady) Diamonds. Finally, I drew 3 bones / curiosLion’s knuckle + Dog’s ankle bone + a Cowry Shell over coconut (Obi) with mouth up. 



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