Daily Draw: Moon + Bear + Sun

It’s been real hard keeping my eyes open. Between Norco every 4 hours and still coming down off of 3 hours of anesthesia on Tuesday, I look like what I would imagine an opium junky looks. And I feel in between the worlds.

In any case, I pulled 3 cards from my Postmark Lenormand to figure out what’s going on, while working real hard not to fall asleep. The cards I pulled are Moon-Bear-Sun.

Moon - Bear - Sun from the Postmark Lenormand.

The first thing that registers is the Bear. I see it as my physical body; it’s working so hard to heal. Big and inflexible, I lay in pain on the bed.

The second thing that I feel is the tension between the Moon and the Bear. In my condition it translates as hibernation — my inability to stay fully awake for more than 45 minutes. This intense resting is necessary to survive. And it makes me look like a bear with an opium addiction.

Finally, the Bear and the Sun: Maybe tomorrow will be better than today? My internal sun speaks through the cards again (yesterday it showed up as the Lamb in the 8 of Disks). I hope tomorrow I’ll have more energy and vitality. I hope my outlook will be brighter and more positive. I hope my shoulder and left thigh will hurt less.

But now my eyes are closing. And it feels like my shoulder is being poked with a knife. I must go and hibernate again, while waiting for the sun.


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