Fortune Telling

In the past year or so, after 20 years of tarot dedication, I’ve been obsessing with fortunetelling using playing cards and the Lenormand system. Oracle decks are very different from the tarot, especially regarding the type of results, or answers, one gets. I have many thoughts on the matter, and will be probably sharing these on this blog at some point down the line.

But right now I want to share this great video I found on You Tube a while ago. In this segment a filmmaker from Tbilisi, a capitol of Georgia (formally part of the USSR) is going to see an old fortuneteller who happens to use Lenormand card. Though she calls these tarot.

The video is subbed with English. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Fortune Telling

    • Cowrie Moon says:

      I found this video a while ago. I end up going back once in a while and watch it again. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside 😉 It’s interesting she considers its tarot, and has no idea how it came to her.

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