Playing Cards Oracles & Lenormand Forecast for April 1st – April 15th, 2012

My Playing Cards Oracle teacher, Ana Cortez, challenged us to produce our own Oracle Forecast for the next two weeks, and then to compare it with the one she will be broadcasting tomorrow.

I drew four cards from PCO, and two cards from Postmark Lenormand. Here is my take on the upcoming energies, shifts, and vibes that will influence us a whole in the next two weeks:

6 Spades (Rx) + King of Clubs + Jack of Spades + 3 Diamond from the Playing Cards Oracles. Key + Path from Lenormand.

When shuffling the cards and trying to connect to the energy of April, I kept seeing in my mind’s eye images of black and fertile earth. How dark and potent is the ground right now, as we rise from Winter months into the renewing glow of Spring? What has been planted previously, what has been consciously attended to, is ready to bud and blossom and shine.

But what about the deep bare holes, the lingering wounds we left unattended during the winter months? I feel that the reversed 6 of Spades — The Ruin — speaks about these wounds. And how they will be rising to our conscious mind, demanding attention and resolution. This is where Sol, the King of Clubs, is going to be in his element, sharing dark feelings and emotions in a most adequate way. I like seeing him in the throat position. I like to know we’ll have the right tools to communicate pain and voice disillusionment, so we can heal and move on.

But I won’t lie to y’all. The energy of the next two weeks will feel heavy and dark, like the fertile earth. Things we wanted to keep under the rug will be floating into plain view, no matter how hard we try to keep it all contained. Loyal Pampero will help addressing and navigating these touchy feely spheres of personal experience in a most detached manner and impersonal way. He will ensure we can actually deal with this stuff,  while not turning it into unnecessary drama.

In the end of these two hard weeks of emotional journey into the underworld, we will emerge victorious, adorned with the shining pearls of resolution, wholeness, and inspiration. Now we’ll be truly ready to walk our path in confidence, with spring in our step and hope in our hearts.

I feel that the Lenormand duo grounds the reading; shedding positive light and reassurance onto our efforts. The Key and The Path suggest walking guided by our destiny — being able to hear the message of our Higher Self and act accordingly. If you find yourself getting upset at the fates for having to deal with spiritual guck and debris floating in the air as you attempt to Spring Clean, remember it’s all part of the grand plan.

If you need to make room for that new sexy silk blouse in your closet, you better finally get rid of the atrocious christmas sweeter your aunt gave you in 1997. You’re never gonna wear it anyway. So accept the fact she’ll be pissed at you no matter what, cuz this is who she is and move on. It’s time!

Listen to Ana’s AMAZING forecast here

3 thoughts on “Playing Cards Oracles & Lenormand Forecast for April 1st – April 15th, 2012

  1. Marina says:

    Nadia, what a nice blog you have here! 🙂 I am happy to find it!

    That’s a very interesting forecast. As someone who has been going through a moment of sadness and grieving, I have been receiving from the oracles a message of ‘sacrifice’. I need to let some things go in order to make room for the new things… and this both physically and emotionally. It’s never as easy it it sounds though, because we tend to cling to memories and things we do not wish to lose…

    But it’s possible that someday they also return to us, in news forms and shapes… we will only know if we release them!

    I think I’ll give it a try too and do a forecast reading. 🙂 I wasn’t at the practice yesterday again due to health reasons. I have been sick 3 times this month due to low immunity. 😦

    • Cowrie Moon says:

      Dear Marina! Thank you for stopping by my blog — I’m happy you enjoyed reading it.
      I’m sorry you don’t feel so good physically. I am also out of commission due to a skin reconstruction surgery I had on Tuesday. Although I feel like crap and am stuck in bed, I’m trying to keep positive and advance my cartomancy skills and obsession, lol.
      I find that doing Global Forecasts helps me because it forces me to tune in into the Spirit in a less egotistical way (because I don’t ask about myself), and it gives me a general picture. So when I go through personal challenges, It makes me aware of how my personal experience relates to everything else. And it helps a little. 😉
      I hope you will get better soon. Let me know if you want a reading, or just to chat, to cheer you up. I have a lot of time on my hands right now.
      Hugs Hugs Hugs

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