Daily Global Lenormand Forecast for April 6th, 2012

Venus’ Day with full Moon in Libra on a gorgeous spring day is truly a gift from the Gods! Even before I pulled today’s Lenormand trio, I knew this draw must be exceptionally positive.

The deck I used for today’s divination is the Gypsy Lenormand Oracle Deck. In addition, I used the Red Owl deck to help shed more traditional light on the imagery and meanings. I feel that pulling from the Gypsy Lenormand was a fortunate choice because after I laid down the cards I realized that two of the three images are encompassed in circular designs — how appropriate for a Full Moon.

Bouquet + Tree + Ring from Gypsy Lenormand Oracle Deck & Red Owl

Without a question, all of three cards scream SPRIGN!

One of Bouquet’s actual definitions is Spring, along with wondrous things like beauty, gifts, dates, and recovery.

The Tree stands for health, and surrounded by two such positive cards it represents good health and gifts of regeneration. It also stands for genealogy; with roots deep in the kingdom if father time, the strong evergreen is reminiscent of the awesome power we hold through out connection with our ancestors. Remember those on whose shoulders you stand as you celebrate the beauty of this Full Moon.

The Ring is also circular like the moon. Cycles, beginning and ends, gently flow into each other. A lover’s promise materializes into a beautiful jewel under Luna’s magical gaze. If you were waiting for a romantic proposal, tonight might be your lucky night.

Together these cards bring forth the power to heal and regenerate. They communicate of the awesomeness of Spring; whispering of fruitful possibilities, and of hopeful outcomes. A sentiment of romance, along with a holistic sense of spirituality and karma, all present in today’s draw.

Weave these images into your meditation. Display them ceremoniously on your altar. And accept the spiritual fruits and blessings of today’s radiant Moon.


Madame Nadia

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