A Sample Reading Using Multi-Oracle Spreads

For a while now I have been planning on updating my YouTube boudoir with a current video. Mainly, I wanted to share my approach of using multiple divination systems with one sitter, during a single session.

An example of a multi-oracle spread using the Secret Dakini Oracle, Mary El Tarot (1st ed.), Playing Cards Oracles, & Bones — all used in one divination session

Recently, I received a request from a delightful young lady who wanted to have her fortune read regarding a relationship concerning her ex-boyfriend. I took this opportunity and recorded the reading, demonstrating the incorporation of three different systems of cartomancy — the Silent Tarot, Playing Cards Oracles, and ARLO Lenormand — into one, very potent, divination consultation.


2 thoughts on “A Sample Reading Using Multi-Oracle Spreads

  1. loishastings says:

    Hi Madame Nadia How are you today? I have just watched your video and found it fascinating, thank you for posting it. I have never used multi – decks in one reading, so that is my new project for the coming week. I didn’t quite see how it was going to work, but seeing it so beautifully demonstrated has intrigued me enough to give it a go. I have also not used playing cards before in a reading, so will check that out too, and get a deck.
    Many blessings and have a lovely day.x

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