Daily Global Lenormand Forecast – Cloudiness & Rain

Yesterday, crowned with a Full Moon in Libra, I predicted a glorious spring Friday — blessed with fortunate cards of flowers, and rings, and evergreens. But today Luna starts to shed her regal garments of bountiful light, until Her nakedness is veiled only with darkness. And as Lady Moon cycles through the moist and murky depths of Scorpio, so is the crispness of yesterday’s song becomes a melody of melancholic uncertainty.

Today’s cards reflect this energetic shift perfectly:

Ship + House + Clouds from the French Cartomancy & Postmark Lenormand decks

Ship + House + Clouds

One aspect of this spread is travel — mainly air travel. I wonder if statistical data regarding airline travel today would show a considerable spike? In my personal life this aspect manifested via my beast friend, who has left for the airport a few hours ago after staying with me for the past week as I was recovering from a surgery. I hope her flight home is safe and swift, though our next meeting is clouded in uncertainty, which saddens me.

On the other hand, this trio of cards tells me that a storm is coming. Writing this post, I become a meteorologist of my own heart: “It is advisable to find a safe and dry shelter before the storm touches down later this evening,” I announce to myself in an unbiased voice of a TV personality. “Make sure to grab an umbrella for your spirit, and invest in a good pair of rain booties for your soul. Even better, stay indoors altogether! Find yourself a warm body to cuddle with, and wait for the clouds to blow over”.

Clouds predict confusion, depression, and contradictions. When I look at the image above, I detect a flash of lighting cutting through the Clouds card of the French Cartomancy deck, while the Postmark clouds seem brewing with uncertainty and are gray of confusion.

image found on http://www.cqout.com

Meditating on this spread and accepting my psyche’s gift of storytelling, I become concerned for an imaginary crew of sailors stuck on the Ship. Do they know a storm is about to hit their vessel? Will they reach safe shores? Are they going to survive passing through the eye of a storm? I can’t seem to decide.

I imagine their kin. Shielded with comfort and warmth, they’re impatiently awaiting the shipmates’ return. Looking through windows criscrossed with the first droplets of an approaching deluge, they feel powerless not knowing the fate of their dear ones that are sailing the seas. There’s not much to do though — besides keeping the faith. So united under one roof, they pray silently for the sky to clear.

Global World Forecast, Meteorological and otherwise, Cloudiness & Rain

As I finish reflecting on the cards’ meanings, I decide to entertain myself by checking what the World Weather Information Service predicts for today. You can imagine how amused I get when I realize that their current “Global [world] Observation” is “Cloudiness and Rain”.

Mlle. Lenormand darling, again you prove to have an exceptional sense of humor!

Stay out of the rain, dearies!


Madame N.


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