Personal Readings — weekly & daily look

OK, this is the first “official” time I am attempting a full blown, personal, Tableau Vivant. Bless me, Mlle Lenormand! 

Personal GT -- April 9th - 16th, using the French Cartomancy Deck

Here are the cards, in order of appearance:

First Row: Mice, Coffin, Fish, Ring, Cross, Lilies, Snake, Birchrod.

Second row: Sun, Tower, Fox, Lady, Rider, Heart, Gentleman, Letter.

Third Row: Ship, Birds, Stars, Clouds, Crossroads, Mountain, Clover, Garden.

Fourth Row: Anchor, Key, Child, Book, Tree, Moon, House, Bear.

Firth Row: Bouquet, Scythe, Dog, Stork.

And here is a daily personal draw, using Postmark Lenormand and Pettit Etteilla.

Although the Postmark Lenormand cards appear unshuffled, I am faithfully accepting the fact that each draw is perfect.

Etteilla Draw:

9 Spades (Rx – Reversed) — Ace Clubs (RX) — Significator — 9 Clubs (RX) — King of Clubs (RX)

* I must mention that I do not speak French, so I use an online translator to understand the meanings on the cards. 

Lenormand Draw:

Sun — Moon — Key

2 thoughts on “Personal Readings — weekly & daily look

  1. Marina says:

    Wow, I don’t know if I’d ever interpret such a big layout! I hope to see you work with it so I can learn too — did you get any nice insights from it?

    I remember when I tried Ana Cortez’s “De Logorio” layout… mindboggling, lol! I don’t even know where to begin! 🙂

    • Madame Nadia says:

      Hi Marina! How are you feeling?

      GT looks very intimidating to me too 😉 . I read in various sources that when one really gets the Lenormand system, it’s actually much easier to interpret and predict via the GT. Hmmm….. I hope so, lol. I am attempting to begin getting more comfortable with it.

      So far it’s early to say much about my insights because it’s only Tuesday, and this is a weekly tableau. We’ll see…. xxoo

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