Cartomantes Cabinet: First Homework

First things first! I just can’t tell you how excited I am about Andy‘s new outlet for Lenormand study. I am having SO much fun. And a lot of basic things start to make basic and simple sense, which is exactly how things should be.

I am proud to report that I’ve finished the homework for Lesson 1. As part of the work I have committed to the Belgian-Dutch School of Lenormand. I was very surprised because it took me a long time to make a decision regarding which school to follow. I actually ended up doing a pendulum divination asking my grandmother which would be the most beneficial commitment.

One part of the homework, after committing to a one of the Lenormand schools, was to write down two nouns and two adjectives as keywords representing each of the 36 cards. After completing this exercise I realized that reading lines of cards has become more sensible to me. I figured it might be helpful to share these key nouns and adjectives with you too.

I also added symbols to represent positive (+), neutral (~), and negative (–) cards.

Vintage Carta Mundi divided into Positive, Neutral, and Negative cards

Here’s My List

(1) The Cavalier +

Nouns —News; Loverboy

Adjectives — Fast; Young

(2) The Cloverleaf +

Nouns — (small) Luck; Surprise

Adjectives — Happy; Charmed

(3) The Ship ~

Nouns — Travel; Wish / Longing

Adjectives — Far; International

(4) The House ~

Nouns — Home(land); Property

Adjectives — Homey; Familial

(5) The Tree ~

Nouns — Health; Ancestry

Adjectives — Patient; Karmic; Long

(6) The Clouds

Nouns — Confusion; Complication

Adjectives — Murky; Ambiguous; Unpredictable

(7) The Serpent ~

Nouns — Woman; Treachery

Adjectives — Older; Twisting; Complicated

(8) The Coffin

Nouns — End; Sickness

Adjectives — Final; Artistic; Depressing

(9) The Bouquet +

Nouns — Gift; Invitation;

Adjective — Charming; Pleasant;

(10) Scythe

Nouns — Danger; Cut; Accident; Harvest

Adjective — Sudden; Aggressive; Final

(11) The Rod

Nouns — Conversation; Strife; Writing

Adjectives — Repetitive (back-and-forth); Argumentative;

(12) The Birds ~

Nouns — Phone / Electronic Communication; Gossip; Older Couple

Adjectives — Stressful; Double

(13) The Child ~

Nouns — Beginning; Child

Adjectives — New; Small / Little; Fragile

(14) The Fox

Nouns — Stealth; Politics; Rivalry;

Adjectives — Wrong; Manipulated

(15) The Bear ~

Nouns — Strength; (financial) Security; Matriarch

Adjectives — Feminine; Protected

(16) The Stars +

Nouns — Guidance; Hope; Divination; Night

Adjectives — Astrological; Scientific

(17) The Storks ~

Nouns — Movement; Promotion

Adjectives — Changing; Upward

(18) The Dog +

Nouns — a Friend; Fidelity

Adjectives — Loyal; Warm

(19) The High Tower ~

Nouns — Authority; Ambition

Adjective — Lonely; Large; Official

(20) The Park ~

Nouns — Community; Gathering

Adjectives — Many; Spatial / Open; Social

(21) The Mountain

Nouns — Obstacle; Enemy; Delay

Adjectives — Blocked; Bordering; Heavy

(22) The Road ~

Nouns — Choice; Decision; Midlife Crisis

Adjectives — Important; Alternative;

(23) The Mice

Nouns — Loss; Theft; Gnawing

Adjectives — Undiagnosed; Unpleasant

(24) The Heart +

Nouns — Love; Affection

Adjectives — Flirtatious; Platonic / Romantic;

(25) The Ring +

Nouns — Commitment; Marriage

Adjectives — Contractual; Cyclical

(26) The Book ~

Nouns — Secret; Knowledge / Education

Adjectives — Unknown; to be Learned;

(27) The Letter ~

Nouns — Message; Paper / Card / Email

Adjectives — Impersonal (not delivered in person); Superficial

(28) The Gentleman

Nouns — Querent; Male

Adjectives — Significant; Masculine;

(29) The Lady

Nouns — Querent; Female

Adjectives — Significant; Feminine

(30) The Lilies ~

Nouns — Sex; Family

Adjectives — Mature; Sexual

(31) The Sun +

Nouns — Success; (big) Luck; Gain;

Adjectives — Happy; Ambitious; Confident

(32) The Moon ~

Nouns — Work; Recognition

Adjectives — Creative; Famous; Satisfied

(33) The Key +

Nouns — Destiny; “Yes”; Mastery

Adjectives — Certain; Fixed

(34) The Fish ~

Nouns — Money; Liquids; Business;

Adjectives — Abundant; Deep; Prosperous

(35) The Anchor ~

Nouns — Stability; Security

Adjectives — Grounded; Strong

(36) The Cross

Nouns — Burden; Full Stop / End; Challenge

Adjectives — Unpleasant; Difficult; Religious


2 thoughts on “Cartomantes Cabinet: First Homework

  1. andybc says:

    Madame Nadia, those are fantastic keyword summaries.

    A few people have queried with me why I had study group users do this exercise. But, when faced with either a 9-20 page meaning lists, or independently breaking it down, the latter is so much easier. You need to precisely internalise these meanings for fluency. A couple of nouns and adjectives really do aid that.

    In addition, as you proceed with fluency, you will refer to this less and less. The wider meanings, timings, spectrum will all converse in your mind.

    However, a stubborn reading, which occurs from time to time, can really be manoeuvred by just recalling the basics. Breaking it down to the noun and adjectives that most fit the context gives you the little nudge you often just need. In addition, you’ll be surprised at just how lively spreads can become when you see the lingo.

    • Madame Nadia says:

      Andy, I enjoyed this exercise and found it meaningful. When thinking about card combinations in a Noun and Adjective form, it makes it easier to stay focused on what is the key and what describes it. It also allows the “translation” from symbol to language to be more fluid and less intimidating. It works for me!

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