Brittas Wahrsagekarten? Somebody Stop Me!

OK, so I promised myself multiple times that I will stop. But every time I see another Lenormand deck that tickles my fancy, I kinda feel like this:

In any case, the last addition to my Lenormand collection is Brittas Wahrsagekarten, by a German Lenormand teacher and author, Britta Kienle. Initially, when I saw online images from this pack, I wasn’t sold right away. But when a Lenormand Facebook Group moderator offered to have a collective purchase of the cards, to lower costs and split international shipping charges, I decided to go for it. One of my self-justifications was the fact that it looks very different from the rest of my Lenormand collection. And indeed it does!

I was really surprised seeing and holding this deck in person —  I discovered that I enjoy it much more than I anticipated initially. The art is very interesting and mostly pleasing to my eye; I am especially attracted to the choice of pastels that came through vividly via the printing process. The stock quality if fabulous too; it reminds me how the Mystical Lenormand feel, and I purposefully take a long time to shuffle because I enjoy the buttery and relaxing sensation of manipulating these cards in my hands.

However, the cards are also quite busy and detailed. In addition, it seems like some of the cards are paintings, while others include a collage element too. Hence, I am intimidated to draw a long strand of cards or a GT with this deck. Maybe if each card was slightly larger, it would be easier to take in all the details making it less overwhelming.

Britta’s cards have a few unique features added onto the traditional images. Several of the cards have a little stopwatch or a little eye icon drawn on the top, right corner — replacing the predominating B monogram. On her website it states:

Britta’s deck of Madame Lenormand-style destiny cards Britta’s uniquely beautiful deck of these famous destiny cards was designed according to Britta’s wishes and ideas, and come with additional and unique features, such as time- and future symbols to help you recognize further meanings of the respective cards.

Apparently these unique additions are covered in Britta’s course. I got short explanation from my FB group mates is that the stopwatch cards are cuing the reader into the importance of timing, while the eye cards hints in regard to future events. Since I haven’t studied Britta’s method, I am not sure how I feel about these.

On the other hand, I was very surprised to see that several of the cards I have the most negative associations and have trouble seeing in a different / positive light (due to divination experiences and personal life associations) look so lovely in this Lenormand deck. For instance: A Snake can represent a treacherous co-worker, but also the ‘other’ woman, or simply a clever female (often with eyesight issues). And I really appreciate how these certain cards are depicted in Brittas Wahrsagekarten because I am deeply committed to delivering stigma-free readings to my clients.  I find this deck to have a refreshing take on symbols I personally struggle with.

All in all it’s a fun deck. Clearly, I am not the only one enjoying it in our household 😉


8 thoughts on “Brittas Wahrsagekarten? Somebody Stop Me!

    • Madame Nadia says:

      It’s a good thing my hubby doesn’t read my blog ;-)… I think I own 8, with additional 2 (Mertz + Titania) being on the way from your homeland. It’s still much less than my tarot collection though, Lol
      What about you, Lois? How many do you own?

      • loishastings says:

        I’m only on two decks (so far) 1 Lenormand and 1 Titania, which I really like. I gave the Mystical Lenormand away as I didn’t get on with it. The Judith Bartschi deck is on my Amazon wish list, along with quite a few tarot decks too. I currently have 5 tarot decks, my newest is the Wildwood Tarot which is wonderful. I’m having loads of fun with it. I’ve moved around a lot and every time I move I seem to give away decks of cards so lots have come and gone. But I think that’s nice. I love your comment about your hubby not reading your blog!

  1. Sylvia says:

    I opted out of the group order, now I am kind of wishing I hadn’t… I think the idea of time and future is really interesting. Two things I am not the best at determining with tarot, but DO find easier with the Lennies.

    • Madame Nadia says:

      Sylvia, you can always buy these on your own. Maybe there are more FB group mates that might be interested in ordering?

  2. andybc says:

    Lots of people do like the Britta deck for the reasons you mentioned.

    She has a bilingual book out which people do seem to like, as she has a somewhat basic low down on how to do a GT.

    I’ve got the Metz and I do really like it: its so cut back and clear that it’s almost like opening a page on a book and reading a paragraph out.

    • andybc says:

      On the downside, I’ve known people by her correspondence course and say it’s too simplisitic to make sense. They say the book is cheaper and better value.

      • Madame Nadia says:

        OK, so I have started teaching myself your GT system (I think you’ll be proud ;-). It feels like the various operations in the Opening of the Key spread, just cooler, lol. This week I used the Postmark Lenormand, and along it the ARLO Lenormand because it’s simpler and cleaner looking to ease focusing on symbols rather than art. I’m working on a post, so it will be up on the blog soon.

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