Daily Draw, May 7th, 2012

This morning I drew three cards from my Pixie Lenormand (1st ed.), and supplemented it with same three cards from the Mystical Lenormand. I also drew one card from The Victorian Flower Oracle.

Time: 8:00 AM

Weather: Cloudy, with a chance of rain — 59 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Cards Drawn: Anchor + Birds + Mountain

Key Card Focus: Anchor

Keywords: Stability + Phone/Email Communication / Stressful + Heavy or Blocked

Anchor + Birds = Communication and anxiety around concepts of security. Birds + Mountain = “Heavy” or blocked emails and/or phone calls. Mountain + Anchor = Inertia

Forget-Me-Not / Farewell: Separation and farewells. Finishing a phase, and moving on. Communicating via phone and email with people who are far away.


I feel that a lot of today’s energy will be spent on heavy, and possibly unfruitful, email and phone communications. Concepts like Inertial and feeling lonely, abandoned, stuck, and blocked are predominating.

I am still feeling under the weather, and have a sore throat and a looming root canal. In addition, I am going to see my burn specialist, who is going to examine my recent surgery site. One of the items I need to purchase ASAP (and fight my medical insurance so they pay for it) is a very expensive and custom compression garment to keep my scars from raising and thickening. Wearing a compression garment feels in a way like being stuck in that Mountain energy.

I feel that these cards could also relate to a specific clients I am going to read for today.


Time: 10:11 PM

Accuracy: 70%

Some of the energy did relate to my client, and the difficulties she’s going through. But the majority of the draw seems to be connected to the events of the day, or rather to the events that didn’t happen today.

(1) Both my husband and I didn’t realize that my burn specialist appointment was scheduled quite early. When I saw the time my appointment is scheduled, I texted him but he didn’t receive my text in time. Eventually, I had to reschedule the appointment.

(2)  The person who was supposed to figure all the information relating to my compression garment ended up leaving me a voicemail saying she was very sorry but she still didn’t have all the needed information. And she’ll be in touch with me as soon as she knows more.

(3) And, I finally ended up getting a dentist appointment, but only for next week. So there’s a delay there too.


It seems that Mountain in today’s context represented largely a delay. Though things are going to fall into place (Anchor), it’s going to take longer than initially anticipated. Also, communication was blocked — my husband didn’t receive my text message in. And I ended up discussing the delay, in a way, via phone; i.e. rescheduling appointments, trying to get appointments, and listening to VMs. Truly, there’s a sense of inertia to today because I didn’t get to do as much as I hoped for, and I am “stuck” in the same place due to not accomplishing as much as I wanted.

3 thoughts on “Daily Draw, May 7th, 2012

  1. andybc says:

    In a daily reading, the Anchor can be responsibilities or commitments of the long-term, something you are going to invest a lot in: or work if you take it as such. The Anchor is also a weight, which is why it can sometimes indicate feelings of being overwhelmed. Body wise, it’s the pelvis area (although it can sometimes refer to stomach cramps, especially near the Moon or Bear).

    These do seem to talk about the message you had: the Anchor being the ‘compression’ or ‘weight’ and telephone call saying “we’ve not taken flight yet.” I’d investigate, if I was you, the block: as the Mountain can be a stubborn or not very helpful person in a daily.

    Madame Nadia, you are doing really well on these: the cards are responding quite nicely. The dailys is a great way to train the cards for timing, making them respond to your intention i.e. the period you set. Your card seem to be quite in tune with you.

    • Madame Nadia says:

      Andy, I really appreciate you’re taking the time to comment on these. It seems that the best thing so far was to commit to one Lenormand school — so things are less confusing.
      When I “committed” to the Dutch-Belgian school I made a decision to allow The Moon to be my main work card, even though I used the Anchor before.
      I think that my communist childhood sort-of makes it easier to accept The Anchor (stability) as a card to represent work. While allowing The Moon — shiny and creative, and connected to honors — to represent work is almost a personal project in self-confidance; allowing myself to invite grander success into my life.
      Anyway,to make a long story short, I will attempt seeing the Anchor through the prism of a general long-term commitment, vs. specifically relating to the work realm.

      • Michelle says:

        Hello Madame Nadia ( and Andy, of course:):)
        Hello Nadia and Andy,
        I really liked this 3 card daily you drew. I have seen where Anchor+Birds can describe, in a literal way if you think about it, a receptionist, secretary, or appointment scheduler. The anchor is the the phone call, either in describing the job,( if you use the Anchor as work), or in that the person’s speech (birds) describes the attachment(Anchor)- literally saying a person known to you is one who is attached to the phone. A funny thing, too, about this description, is secretaries are known to have what we call “secretary spread,” being wide-hipped from sitting all day at the phone. LOL! The Anchor is the hips. The hips are doubled. LOL!!
        Don’t know if this helps or not, but I thought I’d add my 2 cents.

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