Homework: Daily Draw for May 8th, 2012

I feel that today’s draw was illusive, but very educational. The Anchor keeps showing up in daily reads, illustrating various aspects of itself.

Time: 6:15 AM.

Weather: 54 Degrees Fahrenheit; Overcast, but the sun is coming out.

Cards Drawn: Anchor + House + Bouquet

Key Card Focus: Anchor

Keywords: Stability / Base / Commitment + Homey / Familial + Pleasant


Feeling secure and comfortable at the home base — Pleasant homeland security, lol. A gift of safe home environment. A stable and pleasant home. Maybe an invitation to a house warming?


Time: 10:05 PM

Anchor + House + Bouquet; Titania and French Cartomancy

Accuracy: 25%

What happened in relation to the cards:

Actually my feelings at home weren’t so secure because I got into an argument with my husband over house chores and other stuff. I am also feeling really congested, so there was not much around the house or work that felt pleasant.

I realized, though, the cards’ true meaning just a few minutes ago, after rereading Andy’s comment about the Anchor’s daily meaning — it was all about my older sister, whose birthday is today. Because we live in different countries we get to communicate via Skype. So today, my two-year-old and I skyped my sister to wish her a happy birthday. My daughter said: “Happy birthday, Lina,” which made my sister over-the-moon pleased. I think she even cried a little. It was without a doubt the best birthday wish she’s gotten today. And it made me feel like a proud mommy!


The real prediction of this reading turned out to be: Pleasant familial commitments, i.e. calling to say happy birthday and feeling satisfied in a special way about it. The Anchor continues to be a theme card recently, and I slowly see the not so apparent aspects of its meaning; especially relating to daily activities.

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