Lenormand — First crack at the Line of Five

Although I had the best intentions to blog this week, there was so much going on that I couldn’t make it happen. A full-time day position, resuming my fortune telling practice, and medical misfortunes like a nasty root canal and a never-ending saga with a compression garment has kept my schedule quite uncompromising. Nevertheless, I diligently continued my Lenormand practice.

Following Cartomantes Cabinet lessons, I immersed myself in the Line of Five spread this week. Although it’s a bit too heavy for a daily spread (a draw of three is easier to decode and is generally more doable on a daily basis), I stuck with it and it really made a difference. But I had to be creative.

In the previous week I woke up every morning having enough time to lay out three cards, record the time and the weather conditions, and jot down my predictions for the day before going to work. This week, on the other hand, was much more hectic — so sitting peacefully and journaling about the cards I got wasn’t an option. I found myself mainly pulling cards on the way to work. The lovely Postman Lenormand is still my favorite for on-the-go readings because the images are simple, the playing cards symbols are captured right there on the cards’ faces, and the tin carrier-case keeps the cards safe in the front pocket of my purse.

When having a few extra minutes to snooze, I drew cards while still in bed — even before having coffee. And I think that I had only a single opportunity this week to actually sit down for a more meditative sort of a reading. Because I knew I had the time, I also cast a few bones to get more insight into the day. Doesn’t this look cool?

Casting bones over a Line of Five

I also got to practice this technique with another student on Cartomantes Cabinet, as part of a Reading Exchange assignment. It was neat to not only practice with a different person, but to also receive validation to my interpretations.

But the coolest experience this week definitely was using the Line of Five method in a conjure consultation; where I not only foretold a client’s future, but also saw the appropriate magical remediation to improve their situation and reach the desired results. It made me realize that I have begun using Lenormand system not only horizontally (linearly), but also vertically. I found appropriate ways to incorporate my intuition into the traditional way of reading these awesome cards.

One thought on “Lenormand — First crack at the Line of Five

  1. andybc says:

    Congratulations on this Madame Nadia.

    I was very keen to encourage peer exchange, for feedback and practise. There is nothing quite like being told “that is so right”, to encourage you in your Lenormand journey.

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