Daily Read: Multiple Oracles – One Message

Yesterday I stayed home instead of going to work. I terribly needed rest. My body felt like it has been hit by a truck. During the past 3 “epic” weeks of severe sciatica problems — during which my toddler went through a mega stomach virus — I also had to deal with my own sinus infection, and an ongoing saga with a root canal that is still unfolding. With not enough sleep and unexpected financial blows relating to electrical and plumbing; and culminating into a nasty storm that forced us to leave our home and stay in a hotel for several nights while clearing up uprooted trees from our back yard during the days, my nerves and my muscles needed a time out.

So yesterday morning, while attempting to lay down low and actually rest after my husband left to work and the baby went to day care, my mind started making plans of all these things I wanted to accomplish because I stayed at home. A classic, right?

So I pulled a few cards to see what kind of a day I’m going to have. And funny enough, all of the different oracles had the same message:

Girl, chill out! You might spend a lot of time in your head planning and dreaming, but not much chance for executing these ideas of yours today.

And boy, were the cards right?

I pulled 2 cards, Luck and Expectation, from Pepi Valderrama’s upcoming Kipper cards first. (I guess due to a Mercury Retrograde mishap I am the only person in the world owning a copy of this edition besides Pepi)

Then I drew card number 10 from King Solomon’s Oracle. This card came out reversed.

I also drew 7 of Cups from the Romantic Victorian Tarot.

And finally, I also pulled Kitchen Table from the Dirty Tarot oracle that tied all the information together, reinforcing the idea of bonding and downtime vs. practicality.


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