A Bulgarian Dondorf Lenormand

Recently I came across a Lenormand deck on eBay that I absolutely had to have. It’s a 1947 Dondorf Lenormand from Bulgaria.


The cards are in a pretty fragile condition. Clearly, they’ve been loved and used quite a bit because of the visible wear and tear condition. The colors, however, are quite striking and vibrant. Much more so than other vintage Dondorfs that I own.


The most fascinating aspect of this deck is the poems on the cards — they are written in Bulgarian, as well as the booklet that comes with the deck. I can read and understand some because the alphabet is the same as Russian. But I’ll need to spend more time with it in order to really understand what the poems and the instructions say.


There’s an inscription on the front page of the booklet, and I am very curious about what it says and who was the recipient of this gift. Even though the cards’ condition is far from excellent, the fact that some of the history of the deck comes through via the handwritten dedication makes it so much more precious to me.



Madame Nadia

3 thoughts on “A Bulgarian Dondorf Lenormand

  1. Gina Pace says:

    I have a couple of really old fortunetelling decks in that kind of condition…. but they feel so LOVED, so CHERISHED…. and they feel like they’ve told a million fortunes and helped a lot of people make decisions about their lives…. I wouldn’t trade them for a hundred “like new” copies

    • Madame Nadia says:

      I know exactly what you mean, Gina! This specific deck carries quite a bit of that psychic oomph that only a very old, well loved and used deck, can. It’s quite a trip reading with it.

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