ערי + Saying “No Thank You”- daily draw for December 12, 2016

Hey foxy!

Feeling pressed today? No wonder! Have you viewed the daily draw video?

Today’s vibrational wisdom comes in the form of the combination ערי (pronounced Ain Raish Yod), from the 72 Names of G-d. The Gemtaria value of this combination is: 280.

It could be family, or work-related. But it certainly feels like your shoulders can’t handle the weight. (I literally am having a problem moving my right shoulder at the moment, so I feel you!). The most challenging aspect of today will, most likely be, the guilt-trippin’ script you are replaying in your head.

Time to change the script, baby! It’s OK to say: “no thank you,” when the old episode of You Aren’t Good Enough starts rebroadcasting in your head.

Have faith, foxy! You ARE doing all you can. And soon you will regain your strength, improve your coping agility, and feel on it. I promise!

As, Orna Ben-Shoshan, puts it: “You will receive clear evidence that tremendous forces are acting on your behalf at the moment.” (The 72 Names Cards Interpretation Booklet, P.47)

So cheer up, buttercup. That rainbow is just around the cloud.


Here’s a recording of the foxy Facebook Live session we had about this daily draw:



Stay exquisite, my foxes!

Madame N.



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Get a Grip: Daily draw for September 15th, 2016 — יבמ

Hello foxy!

יבמ — Yud Bet Mem — is today’s sacred frequency combination from the 72 Names of G-d, and the gematria value is 52.

Let promise each other not to lose our grip even when it appears like nothing is going our way. Today we’ll be working on staying grounded, especially if we are experiencing general overload, and feel oversaturated and venerable!!!

Use the holy sound Yud Bet Mem as today’s mantra, repeating it in sequences of 52 times, helping yourself stay grounded, while locating the singular source for chaos and jumbled perspective.


Also, I apologize for the echo effect in the first part of the video… I blame Mercury Retrograde for it.

Stay foxy!




A Global Mental Health Draw Relating to the Recent Mercury Retrograde & Lunar Eclipse Effects

I don’t know how about you, but this Mercury Retrograde has been especially brutal for me. I placed orders online that have disappeared into thin air, booked readings with clients, but a mistyped phone number, and had to redo obnoxiously simple tasks over and over again. My life felt like a broken record, and I couldn’t get a grip or change the tune. Emotionally it didn’t feel like a picnic either!

Finally Mercograde was over, concluding ceremoniously with an electrifying Lunar Eclipse and a Full Moon in Gemini — oh boy! I feel like all the tension buildup of the past three weeks has finally hit the fan. I definitely feel more clarity, but now all this emotional plaque is right in front of my eyes and I know I have to deal with it. Clearly, denial ain’t going to offer its velvety and familiar numbness this time. I really have to deal with some major personal funk.

After speaking with many friends and my regular sitters, I realize that this Mercury Retrograde was hard on many. Relationships in particular were examined under a merciless magnifying glass, while dysfunctionality floated to the surface without reservation.

So today, as I am beginning to feel a bit more sane, I pulled a few cards to get a global advice regarding the proper psycho-spiritual approach to the upheaval that is plaguing our lives following this recent astrological phenomena.


A Queen of Cups (Alexander Daniloff’s 2012 Tarot) flanked by 2 Clubs, 5 Diamonds, and a King of Hearts (Alexander Erko)

The cards I drew are the Queen of Cups (from Alexander Daniloff’s gorgeous deck), followed by the 2 of Clubs, 5 of Diamonds, and the King of Hearts (made by Alexander Erko’s). For me, the draw mirrored the raw emotional vibration all around that feel as comfortable as exposed nerves during a root canal procedure. But the Queen who had a hard time to keep all her bubbles together recently, and who is usually an expert  par excellence in the watery depths of the feelings department, is finally able to integrate all of the emotional memory without drowning herself in it. She can work through it, bringing a much needed healing. In this deck in particular, she actually looks at the reader with a post-meditation gaze. She’s finally ready to act!

The playing cards flanking the Queen prove that the feminine principal doesn’t feel or chooses to be alone anymore (as she felt in the past few weeks). She is ready to connect with a male counterpart — offering him the gift of equal partnership. He accepts his help in dealing with the issues coming up during the past retrograde. Shall we dance?, she asks.

Finally, there is a strong underlying karmic essence to all this emotional scab-picking that needs to happen. And this enigmatic Queen reminds us that there are patches of healthy, smooth skin underneath it all, waiting to be loved as soon as the wounds are properly cleansed and dressed.

The time has come for real healing to start! Please be gentle with yourselves!


Madame Nadia

Brothers in Arms — a weekly, multi-oracle, global forecast

If you want a revolution, you better spend some time planning the event!

This week’s Global Forecast consists of 3 cards from various decks, and a rune. Initially I pulled card number 20 Communication / Negotiation from the King Solomon Oracle Cards deck, followed by the Revolution card from the Dirty Tarot oracle. Tension!

While the King Solomon oracle suggest taking time to plan, think through, deliberate and only then approach the target patiently, Revolution thrusts forward with ideological immediacy. I foresee a dance of anxiety — wanting to produce, change, and evolve, but understanding that time isn’t right. Logic is possible, but not enjoyable. And this week ain’t going to be about joy, or about logic per-se. It’s about personal spiritual space. And indecision. And being OK with it.

The third card I pulled is 7 of Disks from the exquisite Mary-El tarot. Indeed, this card is a blessing. A possibility to achieve something wonderful and tangible. However, along with the inverted Teiwaz rune , the meaning of the first two cards is being reinforced: In order to make magic without, we must descend into the depths of ourselves to dwell in the magic within.

In less poetic and artsy terms, I think fusion is the right approach. If you feel like the tension in the atmosphere is becoming somewhat violent, instead of going from 0 — Bitch in a nanosecond, take a break — you are allowed! Fuse that anger, that irritation. Wrap it around itself, sit with it, attempt a spiritual macrame project. And remember, you are not alone. I think we all will need to fight the heady agitated spaces, allowing some quiet time of indecision.

I remember, as a teenager in a country where English is only a second language, listening to the good ol’ Dire Straits, and pondering the meaning of the title “Brothers” in “Arms,” not knowing that the word arms meant not only an embrace, but also weapons. Thinking about this week’s prediction brings a new light to my concept of “Brothers in Arms” — learning to project an embrace onto personal weapons — layering meanings of two impossibles, forces me to take time negotiating my own truth.



Madame Nadia

Daily Global Lenormand Forecast for April 6th, 2012

Venus’ Day with full Moon in Libra on a gorgeous spring day is truly a gift from the Gods! Even before I pulled today’s Lenormand trio, I knew this draw must be exceptionally positive.

The deck I used for today’s divination is the Gypsy Lenormand Oracle Deck. In addition, I used the Red Owl deck to help shed more traditional light on the imagery and meanings. I feel that pulling from the Gypsy Lenormand was a fortunate choice because after I laid down the cards I realized that two of the three images are encompassed in circular designs — how appropriate for a Full Moon.

Bouquet + Tree + Ring from Gypsy Lenormand Oracle Deck & Red Owl

Without a question, all of three cards scream SPRIGN!

One of Bouquet’s actual definitions is Spring, along with wondrous things like beauty, gifts, dates, and recovery.

The Tree stands for health, and surrounded by two such positive cards it represents good health and gifts of regeneration. It also stands for genealogy; with roots deep in the kingdom if father time, the strong evergreen is reminiscent of the awesome power we hold through out connection with our ancestors. Remember those on whose shoulders you stand as you celebrate the beauty of this Full Moon.

The Ring is also circular like the moon. Cycles, beginning and ends, gently flow into each other. A lover’s promise materializes into a beautiful jewel under Luna’s magical gaze. If you were waiting for a romantic proposal, tonight might be your lucky night.

Together these cards bring forth the power to heal and regenerate. They communicate of the awesomeness of Spring; whispering of fruitful possibilities, and of hopeful outcomes. A sentiment of romance, along with a holistic sense of spirituality and karma, all present in today’s draw.

Weave these images into your meditation. Display them ceremoniously on your altar. And accept the spiritual fruits and blessings of today’s radiant Moon.


Madame Nadia

New Deck & Card of the Day

Meditating on the Spirit of the Silent Tarot

Yesterday I receive a new tarot deck that I purchased on Etsy. The Silent Tarot is a multimedia hand-crafted art project. Basing her images mainly on the RWS tradition, the artist, who goes by Esmeralda M. Rupp-Spangle, replaced three of the traditional  suits’ names: wands are renamed Sticks; the suit of cups became Hearts; and disks / pentacles turned into Coins. Hence, the Hearts suit appear as actual, biological hearts. Coins look like actual coins. And Sticks are presented in several different ways — as sticks, pencils, and even as bones. A lot of the bone imagery appearing in the pack reminds me of a dog’s ankle bone I use in my bone divination kit — for me this creates a greater affinity for the deck, especially because a dog’s ankle bone represents loyalty and support.

An excerpt of 6 of Sticks from the Silent Tarot that illustrates images of bones, similar to a Dog Ankle bone in my divination kit.

The Silent Tarot has a unique, and somewhat deliciously morbid, artistic look. As a fan of multimedia in general, and collage art in particular, I immediately was drawn to this deck. Esmeralda has an informative YouTube channel where she shows the making of individual cards, revealing the artistic process of the pack’s creation.

The cards are VERY busy, but in a good way. These will work for you if you happen to be a fan of multimedia art. The images are vibrantly printed on 100lb matte card, with the layering of various media reflecting through the high quality scan and print process.

Fleur-de-lis happens to be one of my favorite symbols.

The cards are larger than a normal tarot deck, measuring 4.25 x 5.75 inches. The backs are reminiscent of traditional playing cards, with a red Fleur-de-lis pattern printed over  white backgrounds. The card stock is a bit flimsy, which seems to be a trend with the self-published decks on Etsy. In my opinion, the stock feels very similar to the stock quality of the Steampunk Tarot by Charissa Drengsen. [Check out my detailed video review of the Steampunk Tarot, if want to know more about this deck].

Nonetheless, the redeeming quality of the thin card stock is the vintage flare of the pack and the large size of cards. When I shuffle Silent Tarot I feel as if I am manipulating an unbound book of magical pages. An enjoyable sensation that puts me in the mood for fortunetelling. If you have small hands, or not a fan of large cards in general, I am not sure you’ll enjoy this aspect of the deck as much.

Finally, even before holding Silent Tarot in person, I knew that there’s one alteration I must make. In some circles it is considered hearsay, and I do hope the artist won’t be upset with me. But as soon as I saw the images online I knew I wanted to inscribe the meanings of the cards right on top of the image. Somehow, considering the deck’s artistic background, it felt appropriate. I’ve never done this before.

So last night I spent 3 hours digging for definitions in several of my tarot books, and inscribing the ones that felt intuitively appropriate onto the cards. I can’t describe how wonderful it felt, and how much more personalized the Silent Tarot is to me now.

Before I went to sleep, at 4 am, I picked a card to serve as a Global Forecast for April 5th, 2012. I pulled major number 13 — Death.

Memento Mori, so you can live today to the fullest!

In this time of transitions and regeneration, your personal uniqueness must be lived fully. Realize that inauthenticity eats away from your true happiness. Letting go is painful, yet necessary. Memento Mori, and live today to the fullest.  


Madame Nadia.


Playing Cards Oracles & Lenormand Forecast for April 1st – April 15th, 2012

My Playing Cards Oracle teacher, Ana Cortez, challenged us to produce our own Oracle Forecast for the next two weeks, and then to compare it with the one she will be broadcasting tomorrow.

I drew four cards from PCO, and two cards from Postmark Lenormand. Here is my take on the upcoming energies, shifts, and vibes that will influence us a whole in the next two weeks:

6 Spades (Rx) + King of Clubs + Jack of Spades + 3 Diamond from the Playing Cards Oracles. Key + Path from Lenormand.

When shuffling the cards and trying to connect to the energy of April, I kept seeing in my mind’s eye images of black and fertile earth. How dark and potent is the ground right now, as we rise from Winter months into the renewing glow of Spring? What has been planted previously, what has been consciously attended to, is ready to bud and blossom and shine.

But what about the deep bare holes, the lingering wounds we left unattended during the winter months? I feel that the reversed 6 of Spades — The Ruin — speaks about these wounds. And how they will be rising to our conscious mind, demanding attention and resolution. This is where Sol, the King of Clubs, is going to be in his element, sharing dark feelings and emotions in a most adequate way. I like seeing him in the throat position. I like to know we’ll have the right tools to communicate pain and voice disillusionment, so we can heal and move on.

But I won’t lie to y’all. The energy of the next two weeks will feel heavy and dark, like the fertile earth. Things we wanted to keep under the rug will be floating into plain view, no matter how hard we try to keep it all contained. Loyal Pampero will help addressing and navigating these touchy feely spheres of personal experience in a most detached manner and impersonal way. He will ensure we can actually deal with this stuff,  while not turning it into unnecessary drama.

In the end of these two hard weeks of emotional journey into the underworld, we will emerge victorious, adorned with the shining pearls of resolution, wholeness, and inspiration. Now we’ll be truly ready to walk our path in confidence, with spring in our step and hope in our hearts.

I feel that the Lenormand duo grounds the reading; shedding positive light and reassurance onto our efforts. The Key and The Path suggest walking guided by our destiny — being able to hear the message of our Higher Self and act accordingly. If you find yourself getting upset at the fates for having to deal with spiritual guck and debris floating in the air as you attempt to Spring Clean, remember it’s all part of the grand plan.

If you need to make room for that new sexy silk blouse in your closet, you better finally get rid of the atrocious christmas sweeter your aunt gave you in 1997. You’re never gonna wear it anyway. So accept the fact she’ll be pissed at you no matter what, cuz this is who she is and move on. It’s time!

Listen to Ana’s AMAZING forecast here

Weekly Personal Forecast: March 26 – April 1, 2012

I dedicate Sunday evenings to devotional ceremonies that culminate into a weekly divination. After attending to the ancestral boveda (shrine) and other altars, I usually spend time meditating and drawing cards from various decks to see what kind of energies will manifest in my life in the coming week. I also cast a handful of bones over the cards, which tends to seal and ground the reading. 

This week the reading was more intense than usual because I knew I am going for a surgery. From the Mary El Tarot I pulled the Queen of Disks, The Wheel of Fortune, and Death. From the Postmark Lenormand I drew: Book – Birds – Path – Mountain – Clover. And the Playing Cards Oracles manifested in: 2 Hearts; Ace of Clubs; 7 Spades; and 10 (Lady) Diamonds. Finally, I drew 3 bones / curiosLion’s knuckle + Dog’s ankle bone + a Cowry Shell over coconut (Obi) with mouth up. 


Weekly Lenormand Forecast for the Week of March 12, 2012


Bouquet + Moon + Dog Ankle Bone

Most of all, this trio talks to me of professional recognition, rediscovery of professional loyalties, and new offers that will withstand the test of time.

I also feel the Spring in these cards. And considering today is Ostara, it isn’t surprising.

Generally feels like a great combination for a good week. Happy Spring, y’all!