Homework: Daily Draw for May 8th, 2012

I feel that today’s draw was illusive, but very educational. The Anchor keeps showing up in daily reads, illustrating various aspects of itself.

Time: 6:15 AM.

Weather: 54 Degrees Fahrenheit; Overcast, but the sun is coming out.

Cards Drawn: Anchor + House + Bouquet

Key Card Focus: Anchor

Keywords: Stability / Base / Commitment + Homey / Familial + Pleasant


Feeling secure and comfortable at the home base — Pleasant homeland security, lol. A gift of safe home environment. A stable and pleasant home. Maybe an invitation to a house warming?


Time: 10:05 PM

Anchor + House + Bouquet; Titania and French Cartomancy

Accuracy: 25%

What happened in relation to the cards:

Actually my feelings at home weren’t so secure because I got into an argument with my husband over house chores and other stuff. I am also feeling really congested, so there was not much around the house or work that felt pleasant.

I realized, though, the cards’ true meaning just a few minutes ago, after rereading Andy’s comment about the Anchor’s daily meaning — it was all about my older sister, whose birthday is today. Because we live in different countries we get to communicate via Skype. So today, my two-year-old and I skyped my sister to wish her a happy birthday. My daughter said: “Happy birthday, Lina,” which made my sister over-the-moon pleased. I think she even cried a little. It was without a doubt the best birthday wish she’s gotten today. And it made me feel like a proud mommy!


The real prediction of this reading turned out to be: Pleasant familial commitments, i.e. calling to say happy birthday and feeling satisfied in a special way about it. The Anchor continues to be a theme card recently, and I slowly see the not so apparent aspects of its meaning; especially relating to daily activities.

Homework: Daily Draw for May 6th, 2012

I am planning to continue posting some of my homework assignments from Cartomantes’ Cabinet group, hoping that it might be of interest to other Lenormand lovers. I am currently working through Lesson 3. The last part of this assignment is to observe and analyze daily draws for a week according to specific criteria.

This morning I pulled the first three cards for this assignment:

Ring + Bouquet + Lilies. ARLO and Britta Kienle decks

Date: Sunday, May 6th 2012. 10:45 AM.

 Weather: Humid, progressing into Thunderstorms with a chance of flooding

Cards Drawn: Ring + Bouquet + Lilies

Key Card Focus: Ring


Commitment /Marriage + Pleasant + Mature


So Ring+Bouquet is throwing me off a bit here because it’s a traditional combo for an engagement. Looking at the three cards I think about 2 things:

(1) I’ll hear from my mother in law and her new boyfriend. I don’t think they’ll get engaged today or any time soon, but maybe there’ll be some news about them. Her name is connected to one of the cards too, so…

(2) The other thing that comes to mind is that I’ll receive a gift from my husband.


Time: 10:00 PM

Accuracy: 90%

We regularly get flowers on the weekend for various altars in our sanctuary. Today my husband bought two bouquets — knowing that in one of them there’s a rose he wanted to give me, since I ended up feeling progressively under the weather. He surprised me by placing a beautiful  rose on my night stand to cheer me up. So I got a pleasant and literal gift of flowers from my husband.


It’s hard for me to disconnect from “big” meanings and combos, and I get especially stuck on them while looking for daily information vs. big / periodical spreads.

Also, I continuously find Lenormand to be very literal. Or maybe Spirit thinks I’m a little slow, so it doesn’t want to overwhelm me with complicated concepts? LOL

Daily Draw for April 14th, 2012

For today’s daily draw I decided to pull 9 cards from my new Pixie Lenormand, for a 3X3 block. And also drew 2 cards from The Victorian Flower Oracle. Here’s what I got:

Daily Draw from Pixie Lenormand & The Victorian Flower Oracle

The Victorian Flower Oracle

Problem: Thistle / Threat

Solution: Tulip / Propserity


Book — Ship — Clouds

Anchor — Flowers — Tower

Bear — Lady — Cross