Cinderella Weekends

My husband is finishing his Master’s degree — which means that along my full-time job and my fortune telling and conjure practice, I am also having quite a load on my shoulders taking care of our household, our daughter, and two spoiled fur-babies. And thought it sounds like bitching (and maybe it is 🙂 ), I wouldn’t mind cloning myself if I could. Especially on the weekends, when my to do list looks like a menacing, multi-headed hydra, and a martini-therapy seems like the only sane option.
This weekend my husband is away on a school-related seminar. And I am here — in “charge”! I pulled three cards from my vintage Piatnik, that gave me a perfect reflection of today’s situation.

The Crossroads is about important choices, and the decision-making process. In today’s, simplified, context I see it as being in charge and having to navigate the day for my family.
The House and the Child are quite literal. My decisions will be about my home, and focused on my daughter.

I also feel that the advice within these cards talks about making a conscious decision to have a good day because it could go either way.

In other words, bitching is OK, but don’t forget the blessings! Read between the lines of the laundry list, and enjoy what you’ve got without loosing your mind in the details of what needs to get done.

I’ll try!


Madame Nadia

3X3 Lenormand Sample Reading for the Month Ahead

I thought it would be of interest to share a sample 3X3 reading I gave a fellow student of the Cartomantes Cabinet. My colleague’s concerned with the month ahead, focusing mainly on love and money. Personally, I think he’ll have a rocking month!

The Cards 

3 Sixes — a lot of money. Money will be coming in, possibly through a full-time job. Corresponds w/ the Fish card. 2 Kings — Agreement (possibly foreshadows a successful month in the relationship arena).

– 1 –

The Focus — TOWER — ambition that is triggered by the STARS, which represent hope and guidance.

Stars + Fish + House + Ring — This shows that you’re interest isn’t only in work and relationship separately, but there’s also a desire for the relationship to help or facilitate financial growth. I hope this makes sense?

– 2 –

Rod + Clover =  Lucky argument / Satisfying sexual encounters

Clover + Tower = An official lucky break

Tower + Letter = A message of official nature

Letter + Key =  A positive message / document

– 3 –

Past: Star + Clover + House  = Hoping for happiness in the household / relationship. Also, hoping for luck to come from the relationship.

Present: Rod + Tower + Letter = Official documents / correspondence going back-and-forth between you and a potential employer. Possible arguments based on anxiety around this issue.

Future: Fish + Key + Ring = A successful contract that brings an increase in money. Also, this position is supported within your romantic relationship.

– 4 –

House + Ring = An official commitment in a relationship + Rod = but it will also generate some strife and arguments.

Stars + Fish = A hope for business / improved finances + Letter = A document that brings a positive answer to this hope.

Homework: Daily Draw for May 8th, 2012

I feel that today’s draw was illusive, but very educational. The Anchor keeps showing up in daily reads, illustrating various aspects of itself.

Time: 6:15 AM.

Weather: 54 Degrees Fahrenheit; Overcast, but the sun is coming out.

Cards Drawn: Anchor + House + Bouquet

Key Card Focus: Anchor

Keywords: Stability / Base / Commitment + Homey / Familial + Pleasant


Feeling secure and comfortable at the home base — Pleasant homeland security, lol. A gift of safe home environment. A stable and pleasant home. Maybe an invitation to a house warming?


Time: 10:05 PM

Anchor + House + Bouquet; Titania and French Cartomancy

Accuracy: 25%

What happened in relation to the cards:

Actually my feelings at home weren’t so secure because I got into an argument with my husband over house chores and other stuff. I am also feeling really congested, so there was not much around the house or work that felt pleasant.

I realized, though, the cards’ true meaning just a few minutes ago, after rereading Andy’s comment about the Anchor’s daily meaning — it was all about my older sister, whose birthday is today. Because we live in different countries we get to communicate via Skype. So today, my two-year-old and I skyped my sister to wish her a happy birthday. My daughter said: “Happy birthday, Lina,” which made my sister over-the-moon pleased. I think she even cried a little. It was without a doubt the best birthday wish she’s gotten today. And it made me feel like a proud mommy!


The real prediction of this reading turned out to be: Pleasant familial commitments, i.e. calling to say happy birthday and feeling satisfied in a special way about it. The Anchor continues to be a theme card recently, and I slowly see the not so apparent aspects of its meaning; especially relating to daily activities.