3X3 Lenormand Sample Reading for the Month Ahead

I thought it would be of interest to share a sample 3X3 reading I gave a fellow student of the Cartomantes Cabinet. My colleague’s concerned with the month ahead, focusing mainly on love and money. Personally, I think he’ll have a rocking month!

The Cards 

3 Sixes — a lot of money. Money will be coming in, possibly through a full-time job. Corresponds w/ the Fish card. 2 Kings — Agreement (possibly foreshadows a successful month in the relationship arena).

– 1 –

The Focus — TOWER — ambition that is triggered by the STARS, which represent hope and guidance.

Stars + Fish + House + Ring — This shows that you’re interest isn’t only in work and relationship separately, but there’s also a desire for the relationship to help or facilitate financial growth. I hope this makes sense?

– 2 –

Rod + Clover =  Lucky argument / Satisfying sexual encounters

Clover + Tower = An official lucky break

Tower + Letter = A message of official nature

Letter + Key =  A positive message / document

– 3 –

Past: Star + Clover + House  = Hoping for happiness in the household / relationship. Also, hoping for luck to come from the relationship.

Present: Rod + Tower + Letter = Official documents / correspondence going back-and-forth between you and a potential employer. Possible arguments based on anxiety around this issue.

Future: Fish + Key + Ring = A successful contract that brings an increase in money. Also, this position is supported within your romantic relationship.

– 4 –

House + Ring = An official commitment in a relationship + Rod = but it will also generate some strife and arguments.

Stars + Fish = A hope for business / improved finances + Letter = A document that brings a positive answer to this hope.

Homework: Daily Draw for May 9th, 2012

Today’s daily read will indeed be classified under memorable draws in my book.

Time: 6:45 AM

Weather: Partially cloudy, but beautiful. 50 Degrees

Cards Drawn: Ring + Park + Gentleman

Key Card Focus: Ring

Keywords: Commitment / Cycle / Routine + Social + Significant Male

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Prediction: A significant social male commitment. A significant male showing up in a social setting.

My idea (and this morning I could put money on it) was that my husband and I are going to meet my mother-in-law’s boyfriend. She has scheduled to bring him over this evening, so we bought red velvet cake and were planning to getting introduced to him.


Time: 10:45 PM

Accuracy: 100%, but not at all in the zone of my anticipation.

What Happened in relation to the cards:

Around 3:00 PM, my m-i-l texted us that Tom had to cancel. I am not sure about the details, but we ended up tasting the Red Velvet cake on our own. However, my anticipation of a significant social male commitment ended up being the news of President Obama’s public support of gay marriage that has exploded all over social media today.


When shuffling the cards this morning I was not only focusing on the general vibe that today would bring, but I also wanted to learn something positive and inspiring. Clearly, I find Obama’s message inspiring, and am very excited to hear the happiness expressed by many of my friends.

Another interesting fact is the look of the Gentleman card in the Titania deck. It does kind of reminds me of the President’s famous siluette-like poster from his presidential campaign. 

Homework: Daily Draw for May 6th, 2012

I am planning to continue posting some of my homework assignments from Cartomantes’ Cabinet group, hoping that it might be of interest to other Lenormand lovers. I am currently working through Lesson 3. The last part of this assignment is to observe and analyze daily draws for a week according to specific criteria.

This morning I pulled the first three cards for this assignment:

Ring + Bouquet + Lilies. ARLO and Britta Kienle decks

Date: Sunday, May 6th 2012. 10:45 AM.

 Weather: Humid, progressing into Thunderstorms with a chance of flooding

Cards Drawn: Ring + Bouquet + Lilies

Key Card Focus: Ring


Commitment /Marriage + Pleasant + Mature


So Ring+Bouquet is throwing me off a bit here because it’s a traditional combo for an engagement. Looking at the three cards I think about 2 things:

(1) I’ll hear from my mother in law and her new boyfriend. I don’t think they’ll get engaged today or any time soon, but maybe there’ll be some news about them. Her name is connected to one of the cards too, so…

(2) The other thing that comes to mind is that I’ll receive a gift from my husband.


Time: 10:00 PM

Accuracy: 90%

We regularly get flowers on the weekend for various altars in our sanctuary. Today my husband bought two bouquets — knowing that in one of them there’s a rose he wanted to give me, since I ended up feeling progressively under the weather. He surprised me by placing a beautiful  rose on my night stand to cheer me up. So I got a pleasant and literal gift of flowers from my husband.


It’s hard for me to disconnect from “big” meanings and combos, and I get especially stuck on them while looking for daily information vs. big / periodical spreads.

Also, I continuously find Lenormand to be very literal. Or maybe Spirit thinks I’m a little slow, so it doesn’t want to overwhelm me with complicated concepts? LOL