Take Two Steps Back and Listen With Your Heart

ANI-website7.jpgThis week’s Divine Name Combination is Alef Nun Yod, אני, and it spells ANI / I am, in Hebrew. This Name holds the mystery of prophesy, premonition, and the ability to *see* things from the perspective of your Higher-Self. Or as I call it, listening with your heart.

Know Thyself, the ancient occult motto, plays perfectly into this code. The more we understand ourselves, be it our physical abilities or psycho-spiritual needs, the more we are capable of enriching our lives. Alef Nun Yod is a wonderful tool to help us calibrate our inner GPS systems to be in greater sync with the Big U, and by doing so making our experiences more fulfilling, substantial, and joyous.

On the mundane level, I am happy to report that this Divine Vibration is auspicious, foretelling of good news, while suggesting that the bad ones can be avoided through keeping the gaze on the bigger picture rather than hyper-focusing on the minutiae.

This week is great for planning for the future, making long-term adjustments to your living or working conditions, or deconstructing a particularly complex set of challenges that previously would have been impossible to approach in a practical manner.

ANI-websiteFinally, this is THE time to connect with your Spirit Guides, set up an ancestral shrine, or channel information from the Akashic Records. The timing is absolutely divine for perfecting your prophetic skills.

So, if you always wanted to learn how to read the tarot, learn about your Spirit Guides, wanna up-level your oracular game, or maybe you need some psychic business coaching , hit me up… cos Madame Nadia does all this and then some.

Wising you a magical week!


Madame N. 


Madame Nadia is a hereditary diviner, a celebrity psychic, an initiated Palera and Macumbera, and a co-host of Fit+Foxy podcast. For spiritual consultations and magical tutoring: www.madamenadia.com/readings

Bend Like a Bamboo or Bend Over, Your Call — Resh Hey Ain — Weekly Draw for September 26, 2017

Resh HEy Ain

רהע Resh Hey Ayin says:

You either gonna own your ish, or you gonna feel like your ish owns your soul… all week long….

I woke up in such a desperate mood that even my coffee smelled like defeat this morning. And for no reason, too. In fact, I launched a successful webinar dedicated to the Dark Mother Kali, this weekend, and set in an embodied Quimbanda ceremony with my partner, last night, so the AM should have been dope….

It felt anything but, though…

Luckily, I allowed myself to sit with my feels. One of the ways I attend to my emotions is journaling in a constructive way, using a Desire Map Journal, by Danielle LaPorte. Tears followed the emotional words on the page. Snot got smeared on the boyfriend’s t-shirt. Articulating my emotional soup was very useful. Hugs helped a lot too.

Eventually, when my mind became less retrospective, and my eyes more focused, I noticed a truth bomb exploding in a small font, at the bottom of the page, saying: “Believe what you want – because what you believe will influence your future.” Danielle LaPorteDesiremap.jpg

Finally, I was ready to meditate on the Name, Resh Hey Ain. Reading, Orna Ben-Shishan’s booklet that accompanies the deck, aa similar line struck a cord: “Your reaction to events creates your reality: Keep moving forward and never look back…


In other words, this week we’re not only likely to experience a rising of dark emotions; but they will also be flavored with spiritual defeat, and seasoned with emotional disorientation. Nonetheless, we must strive beyond the feeling of helplessness. It’s our psycho-spiritual task to work through it, dispelling the negative. We are called to be inspired by this Divine Vibration, and use it as medicine that uplifts from victimhood, to make us into badass, reality-shapers and foxy, momentum-crafters.

So, unless you got a time machine in your basement, please stop beating yourself up over your past. At the same time, Resh Hey Ain is here, reminding that trying to bite into an unripe future, will result in a solar plexus flue.

It might sound overwhelming, but seriously, all you gotta do is close your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize a perfect reality in full color and an epic soundtrack — because this week’s draw makes it clear that you are the boss of your future.

Resh-Hey-Ain + The Universe got your Back


Madame Nadia is a hereditary diviner, a celebrity psychic, an initiated Palera and Macumbera, and a co-host of Fit+Foxy podcast. For spiritual consultations and magical tutoring: www.madamenadia.com/readings

Weekly Draw — Lit from Within

This Week’s Holy Name is אכא (Alef Kaf Alef), and it’s hawt!

This vibration reignites the desire leading a lit and extraordinary life. It’s about reclaiming your exquisiteness. It’s about getting your turn on and your grove back.



So why am I not feeling the sexy?

Great question!

IMG_6329Lets address the problem fist. This week you’re dealing with the gorgons of apathy, purposelessness, and lack of motivation. Perhaps life feels extra chaotic at the moment? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by having to sort through a boat-load of emotional clutter? Confronting procrastination, laziness, and even depression are equally feasible items on your to do list at this time.

Moreover, you are very likely to realize that some significant personal relationships, old habits, and well-oiled routines have become dysfunctional. It’s dead emotional weight, and it gotta go!

This week your biggest job is to weed out that which lets your spirit down! Let organically disintegrate what cannot be re-patched anymore.

Alef Kaf Alef - 72names

The push of your soul’s desire for freedom against your ego’s pull toward faux-security at all costs, could feel like a mini existential-crisis. So arm yourself with אכא and ride that mofo like pro! Since, essentially what you’re sensing is the old psycho-spiritual structures collapsing, while not yet feeling a sense of renewed success and satisfaction that have been already blooming within the magic of your Higher Self.

Arm yourself with patience and meditate on the אכא because it will turn your being on with inspiration, beauty, and passion. Its magnificence emanates from the root of your soul. Trust me baby… it will make you lit!




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Madame Nadia is a hereditary diviner, a celebrity psychic, an initiated Palera and Macumbera, and a co-host of Fit+Foxy podcast. For spiritual consultations and magical tutoring: www.madamenadia.com/readings


Weekly Draw: Spirit Over Matter, Will over Fate — Vav Vav Lamed

Mercury went direct today, darting bullseye through the points of last, very fated, eclipse. With no hesitation, the trickster planet delivered a dose of illumination and inspiration, dropping some serious knowledge and unseen info, helping us manifest a desired and auspicious future.

This week’s draw ignites a chain reaction of positive growth in the personal realm — aligned with Hermes’ forward motion out of its shadow — during a window of opportunity, between now and September 20th, to manifest miracles in the emotional, financial, and spiritual spheres.

Vav Vav Lamed

43rd Card from the 72 Names Cards Oracle by Orna Bee Shoshan


וול Vav Vav Lamed is a fabulous reminder that Spirit controls matter, and if we invite this vibration into our souls, we will be given an opportunity to significantly alter the scarcity in our lives.

Financially, this draw promises that limitation to our personal growth are in the process of release. We are encouraged to “go big or go home,” or at least to think how can we impact a larger crowd with our new and successful enterprise.

VavVaVLamed72This Name emphasizes visualization techniques to break through cynicism. It helps getting the support needed; whether physical, emotional, and spiritual, to make your wishes come true.

The most mystical application of this Divine tool, perhaps is gaining understanding of how Spirit governs matters — eventually applying this technique to our own life path.



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Madame Nadia is a hereditary diviner, a celebrity psychic, an initiated Palera and Macumbera, and a co-host of Fit+Foxy podcast. For spiritual consultations and magical tutoring: www.madamenadia.com/readings

לאו Weekly Draw — August 29, 2017

This week’s draw from the 72 Name Cards coincided perfectly with the current events and natural disasters affecting the United States. Another example to how this oracle deck blows my mind time and again. Just look at the image and you’ll get it.

During the Facebook Live broadcast I took upon myself to meditate and send blessings upon all those who need it at the moment in Texas and beyond. And I hope you’ll join in this intention as you watch the video.

On the more general level, this vibration talks about spiritual cleansing and purification. It highlights the importance of decluttering negativity in the form of impure speech, negative people, and harming internal monologues.

This Holy Name helps call upon and manifest sacred spaces of safety and protection. It purifies, cleanses, and protects from adversaries, mishaps, accidents, and places of hostile and / or intense energetics.


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Madame Nadia is a hereditary diviner, a celebrity psychic, an initiated Palera and Macumbera, and a co-host of Fit+Foxy podcast. For spiritual consultations and magical tutoring: www.madamenadia.com/readings

Weekly Grand Tableau for May 6th – May 13th, 2012

I’ve been working on teaching myself different operation as relating to the Grand Tableau. My main source of information is Andy’s detailed blog posts where he shows the system he was taught.

The Theme:

Child + Bear + Stars

Just before assembling the GT I cut the deck one last time into three groups, and observed the bottom cards in each pile: Child + Bear + Stars. This method expresses the theme unfolding “behind” the tableau and throughout the reading.

These are positive cards: I feel guidance, hope, and strength in regard to new beginnings and fresh starts. Also, being a mother I can’t disregard the powerful connection between Bear and Child.

First Three Cards:

House + Rider + Ship

These cards hold special significance outside of GT, speaking of issues needing immediate attention.There are several things I find very interesting: (1) I work at a school, so seeing House + Book always makes me think of my job. (2) I would interpret this specific trio as: traveling to a house of education… Or NOT, lol. I drew this GT around 5PM on Sunday evening, and by 9PM I felt under the weather enough to make an executive decision to stay home the next day.

The Grand Tableau:

ARLO and Postmark Lenormand

Frankly, I am a bit intimidated by this week’s GT. I don’t like seeing my card (Lady) all the way in the top, right corner. It tells me that my current actions and decisions will greatly influence my future. I understand it intellectually, but it also makes me feel stuck. Luckily, the Lady card is in the top raw, meaning I am aware and largely in control over the the events and information depicted by: Bouquet; Lily; and Stork (positioned vertically).

I am also concerned for the Scythe + Rider + Tree combination in front (future) of the Gentleman card, which represents my husband. I am specifically concerned about health issues and road accidents.

The Boundaries — Corner Cards:

House — The Focus is on home and family. House + Stork= A classic combination for moving houses, but clearly isn’t on my agenda this week. I wonder if it’s connected to us wanting to travel to my homeland this summer, if my husband’s education-related issues can be resolved? Lady + Sun = Feeling happy and satisfied. Possible theme: I’ll feel happy because we’ll book tickets to travel to Israel this summer.

Catalyst Cards:

These are special, and often isolated events that are bound to happen, and quickly.

Fish (A1) + Heart (A1) = Setting my heart on a business venture.
Ring (A2) + Anchor (A2) = Stabilizing / grounding a contract or commitment.
Mountain (A3) + Star (A3) = A calculated (lucky) delay.
Even though I set my heart on a certain business, there’s a need in taking time and consciously delaying things in order to ground a contract or commitment.
Key + Child = The answer is in a child, or in a new / small beginning (a reoccurring theme for the past 3 weeks).
Tower + Moon = Creative ambitions.
Ship + Mice = Unpleasant perspective. I am reminded of the phrase: Rats leaving a sinking ship. I wonder what ship is about to sink, and who are the rats — or mice in this case?
The solution lies in a new beginning (possibly relating to an actual child), generating some creative ambitions that will also bring in an unpleasant perspective.
I hope to do more GT decoding throughout the week, but at this time I am not sure how much time I’ll have for updates.

Weekly Draw for 4.29-5.6.2012

For this week’s forecast I laid out the Grand Tableau, using my vintage Carta Mundi deck. I also drew 4 cards from the Playing Cards Oracle deck, and cast some bones.

Here’s what I got:

Bones — from closest to farthest:

Abalone (open); John the Conqueror; Blocked Cowrie (coconut top); Cowrie (upside-down); Buckeye; Wiesel Jaw (facedown).

Formation resembles the Hebrew letter Gimel.


PCO cards (From top to bottom):

Ace of Diamonds — Ignita

4 of Diamonds — South Wind

Queen of Clubs — Leah

Lady (10) of Clubs — Fortuna

Personal Readings — weekly & daily look

OK, this is the first “official” time I am attempting a full blown, personal, Tableau Vivant. Bless me, Mlle Lenormand! 

Personal GT -- April 9th - 16th, using the French Cartomancy Deck

Here are the cards, in order of appearance:

First Row: Mice, Coffin, Fish, Ring, Cross, Lilies, Snake, Birchrod.

Second row: Sun, Tower, Fox, Lady, Rider, Heart, Gentleman, Letter.

Third Row: Ship, Birds, Stars, Clouds, Crossroads, Mountain, Clover, Garden.

Fourth Row: Anchor, Key, Child, Book, Tree, Moon, House, Bear.

Firth Row: Bouquet, Scythe, Dog, Stork.

And here is a daily personal draw, using Postmark Lenormand and Pettit Etteilla.

Although the Postmark Lenormand cards appear unshuffled, I am faithfully accepting the fact that each draw is perfect.

Etteilla Draw:

9 Spades (Rx – Reversed) — Ace Clubs (RX) — Significator — 9 Clubs (RX) — King of Clubs (RX)

* I must mention that I do not speak French, so I use an online translator to understand the meanings on the cards. 

Lenormand Draw:

Sun — Moon — Key