Summertime: A 3-Months Russian Gypsy Draw

Summertime, time, time,
Child, the living’s easy.
Fish are jumping out
And the cotton, Lord,
Cotton’s high, Lord, so high.

The sun is shining bright and the countdown has begun! My solar return commences in less than 24 hours, crowned with a Rose Full Moon is Sagittarius and a partial Lunar Eclipse. Also, two whole weeks of summer break start in a week and a day from today. And here’s the cherry on the icing: we’ll be on a plane to the mysterious city of my fantasies, New Orleans, in 9 days — Child, the living’s easy!

Well, maybe not that easy considering the job front is starting to borderline unbearable again. But summer beats even that. My life is a carnival. I am aware of that. And so over a ride on the roller coaster I pick the ferris wheel consciously. Too old for drama, I’m intent on manifesting a calmer type of happiness. And when I am completely loosing my zen, I will try to remind myself of the following Russian proverb:

G-d’s with us, and hell’s with them!

Talking about proverbs, I figured that today would be a good day to set some periodical fortunetelling in place with the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards. Summertime, here I come!

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[# Title — General card description; Prediction based on a specific position. Time period]

40 Knot — Family Ties; You have tied strong knots for a lifetime. Life

31 Sun — Warmth and strength of character. Immediate to middle.

Your daddy’s rich
And your ma is so good-looking, baby.
She’s looking good now,
Hush, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby,
No, no, no, no, don’t you cry.
Don’t you cry!

36 Handshake — State of the union between two people; The handshake will weaken if you don’t make an effort to strengthen it. Middle to life.

35 Anchor — Stability or hindrance; Disillusionment with the ideal / doubts. Middle

50 Bread — Happiness; Profit and happiness in the house, success in business affairs. Middle.

One of these mornings
You’re gonna rise, rise up singing,
You’re gonna spread your wings,
Child, and take, take to the sky,
Lord, the sky.

Last Card (outcome):

39 Horse (no match) — Emotional upheaval; Your feelings will be trampled upon. Immediate.

But until that morning
Honey, n-n-nothing’s going to harm you now,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
Don’t you cry,

I wish everybody a wonderful summer, full of sunny, bright days, and lucky and happy fortunes. with this in mind, today I leave you with Janis because nobody does Summertime better than her. Bless your soul, sister!

Monthly Read: Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

I don’t think I’ve shared a reading with the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards on this blog yet. I find these cards to be very accurate, but because all the cards need to be used in a single layout I tend to use this deck only so often. Hence, I chose to use it for a personal forecast for May 2012.

I found it very interesting that the cards spoke mainly of my relationship, even though I focused on issues relating to career and work.

For those who aren’t familiar with this system, there are 25 cards in the deck. They are laid in a 5X5 block, with each card having 4 different sides. The point of the arrangement is matching images with the neighboring cards so they form pictures.

The images on the cards are symbols just like the Lenormand. Although the Russian Gypsy deck offers more images, many of these are the same symbols used in the Lenormand system (i.e. anchor, mice, heart, etc.). The general interpretation is sometimes different (as you’ll see below). Also, each pictures is interpreted according to the direction it’s faces. In addition, a time frame is given to each image.

I also take into account when a picture is “broken” in order to use the card creating another image.

Today’s reading contained 7  matches:

32 Moon
23 Mice
35 Anchor
25 Ring (upside-down / breaks Anchor)
17 Heron (upside-down / breaks Ring)
30 Lilies (left / breaks Heron)
 Last Card: 47 Devils (left)
32 Moon — PEACE (Short – Middle)

Moon + Mice

Although your life is uneventful, you have happiness nevertheless. Don’t waste your time wishing for things you don’t have; rather, enjoy your peaceful happiness.
23 Mice — LOSS / FINDING of Material Article (Immediate)
You will find what you have lost.


35 Anchor — Stability / Hindrance (Middle)

Success in love; you are loved.
— Broken By —
25 Ring — Relationship Between 2 People (Middle)


A wedding or agreement. Are solution to a problem will lead you to a stronger marriage bond.
— Broken By —


17 Heron — New Beginnings / Change (Middle)

An addition to the family. A family will expand in some way.
— Broken By —
30 Lilies — Faithfulness (Life)


Unearthly, almost spiritual feeling of happiness.


47 Demons — Subconscious Negative Thoughts (Short)

Too much unrestrained merriment occurs before chagrin. Do not do foolish things in the name of fun (don’t be stupid, or don’t get overly excited too early).
An Update:
As the month of May naturally turned into June, I wanted to post my observation in regard to May’s reading. 
Moon — I did feel a positive shift this month in regard to feeling better at work, and as a result at home. Some of it handled actively by my husband and I because we understand that we have to work hard to keep a cool head in matters relating to our careers. 
Mice — it’s interesting relating to this specific card and position… I tend to approach it literally, but I think that this month it has manifested in a more metaphorical way with me working through self-image issues relating to my accident. I feel like I found a renewed sense of strength within myself. It’s a work in progress 😉
Anchor (broken by) the Ring — My husband and I went to a friends’ wedding last weekend, and it was a lot of fun. It also was a beginning of a great long weekend, where we got to spend time outdoors and enjoy as a family much more than usual. 
The Heron  … hmmm… it is still a mystery… 
The Lilies — I’m not sure about the “unearthly” part, but I did have a lot more moments of happiness in the last 3 weeks or so. It felt good!
The Demons — the last days of May proved to be filled with renewed anxiety in the work arena. I did let my guard (spiritual and otherwise) down because I felt an improvement, but then we received a new blow… I hope June’s reading will end on a better note.