Daily Draw for April 14th, 2012

For today’s daily draw I decided to pull 9 cards from my new Pixie Lenormand, for a 3X3 block. And also drew 2 cards from The Victorian Flower Oracle. Here’s what I got:

Daily Draw from Pixie Lenormand & The Victorian Flower Oracle

The Victorian Flower Oracle

Problem: Thistle / Threat

Solution: Tulip / Propserity


Book — Ship — Clouds

Anchor — Flowers — Tower

Bear — Lady — Cross

Today’s Lenormand Draw

Today’s draw was done late last night, before going to sleep. I pulled five cards from the French Cartomancy deck, and found their counterparts in the Pixie Lenormand (1st ed.) for comparison. Lady Tulip, from The Victorian Flower Oracle, also chose to join our slumber party.