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Madame Nadia is not only a talented oracle, she is a sincere seeker herself who has immersed herself in the living art, history, and science of Tarot. Her mastery shines through clearly and confidently as she reads the cards, as does her sincere intention to offer good guidance through the reading. She is inspiring and insightful, and it’s a blessing to receive a reading from her.

~ K.D., San Francisco

I met Madame Nadia in India where she read the cards for me. It was an auspicious reading that foretold the profound and life changing events about to occur! I recommend her with no reservations. nadia has the direct line!!!

~ Nancy L., CA

 Oh My ! wow this was right on the money …. you really nailed it about the past relationships … i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart ! 🙂 Thank you so much

~ Katheryn

Thank you so much! It gave me a deeper look at the situation as a whole and it was very truthful, informational, and also very forward. There was a lot in there that was very true and very head on now I think some thinking on my behalf and how i handle the situation . This was amazing 🙂

 ~ Lauren

I have used Madame Nadia’s guidance and assitance many times in the past years and have always received gracious and compassionate service as well as accurate guidance and spiritual services wich proved to be quite helpful. I strongly recommend Nadia, both as a wonderful positive person and as a spiritual healer.
~ Amir, Canada
Madame Nadia is the most honest and accurate reader I’ve had the fortune to work with. She has a great sense of humor but isn’t afraid to be direct, she tells it like it is! Most importantly, she gives you the insight and tools you need for self improvement.
 ~ Caitlin, SF Bay Area
Madame Nadia is one of the most gifted cartomancers I’ve ever met. Each reading she nails the issue, and brings up something that I wasn’t even aware of at the time. She’s been a great help and a great relief.
~ A. Hall
I’ve know Madame Nadia since 2003 in San Francisco. We both gave readings at the Psychic Eye Bookshops, and I can attest to the accuracy of her readings. She had a thriving clientele and was a joy to work with. I highly recommend Nadia for a psychic reading. I consult her when I need an answer!
~ Jackie D., CA
Madame Nadia is an exceptionally gifted reader. I had a number of private readings with her, and recommended her to my friends. She has a rare talent.
~ Jenny, K.

Book a Reading with Madame Nadia today

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