Lenormand — First crack at the Line of Five

Although I had the best intentions to blog this week, there was so much going on that I couldn’t make it happen. A full-time day position, resuming my fortune telling practice, and medical misfortunes like a nasty root canal and a never-ending saga with a compression garment has kept my schedule quite uncompromising. Nevertheless, I diligently continued my Lenormand practice.

Following Cartomantes Cabinet lessons, I immersed myself in the Line of Five spread this week. Although it’s a bit too heavy for a daily spread (a draw of three is easier to decode and is generally more doable on a daily basis), I stuck with it and it really made a difference. But I had to be creative.

In the previous week I woke up every morning having enough time to lay out three cards, record the time and the weather conditions, and jot down my predictions for the day before going to work. This week, on the other hand, was much more hectic — so sitting peacefully and journaling about the cards I got wasn’t an option. I found myself mainly pulling cards on the way to work. The lovely Postman Lenormand is still my favorite for on-the-go readings because the images are simple, the playing cards symbols are captured right there on the cards’ faces, and the tin carrier-case keeps the cards safe in the front pocket of my purse.

When having a few extra minutes to snooze, I drew cards while still in bed — even before having coffee. And I think that I had only a single opportunity this week to actually sit down for a more meditative sort of a reading. Because I knew I had the time, I also cast a few bones to get more insight into the day. Doesn’t this look cool?

Casting bones over a Line of Five

I also got to practice this technique with another student on Cartomantes Cabinet, as part of a Reading Exchange assignment. It was neat to not only practice with a different person, but to also receive validation to my interpretations.

But the coolest experience this week definitely was using the Line of Five method in a conjure consultation; where I not only foretold a client’s future, but also saw the appropriate magical remediation to improve their situation and reach the desired results. It made me realize that I have begun using Lenormand system not only horizontally (linearly), but also vertically. I found appropriate ways to incorporate my intuition into the traditional way of reading these awesome cards.

Homework: Daily Draw — Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Today is the last day of my 3-Card Daily Draw exercise that I’ve been faithfully performing for a week as part of my homework in Cartomantes’ Cabinet. I am very excited for the progress I made in my Lenormand study. Things definitely make more sense, and readings become more fluid.

I pulled a card from the Silent Tarot deck, and 3 cards from Les Vieux Jours Lenormand. Both of these decks can be visually overstimulating, so I supplemented the draw with same cards from the ARLO pack to be able to focus on the symbols better. 

Time: 8:30 AM

 Weather: 61 Degrees, Possible Thunder storms

Tarot Cards Drawn: Sun — Being Aware

Lenormand Cards Drawn: Key + Path + Garden

Key Card Focus: Key

Keywords: Destiny / Mastery / Yes — Opening Doors + Choice / Alternative / Important + Community / Social / Popular

Prediction: Feeling successful in social situations. Becoming more popular as a reader. Feeling more secure with Lenormand.


Sun tarot card & Key + Path + Park

Time: 11:30 PM

 Accuracy: 75%

What Happened in relation to the cards:

I really didn’t feel very accomplished in social settings or in my communication with others. But I did get more divination / spiritual work clients. And I am feeling much more accomplished in my Lenormand work.


Looking at this in retrospective makes me think of Road Opener type of spiritual work — or seeing that some blockages are lifting.  Also, I noticed that there was information coming from different directions, and I needed more effort to be grounded in order to receive it.

Homework: Daily Reading — May 10, 2012 — “The fish stinks from the head”

Time: 6:50 AM

Weather: 46 Degrees, and sunny. Seems like it’s going to be a warm day.

Cards Drawn: Clouds + Tower + Scythe

Key Card Focus: Clouds

Keywords: Confusion / Complication + Lonely / Official + Final / Aggressive

Clouds + Tower + Scythe


This is going to be a day of complications and confusion. Doesn’t seem like a particularly good day, considering that 2/3 of the cards are negative, which consequently paints the neutral card (Tower) negative as well.

Feels like the main blow will come from work, since The Tower usually comes up in a daily reading around this concept for me.

Also, since the Scythe relates to teeth, and the top of The Tower in this deck kind of looks like teeth lets me understand that my toothache is just going to get worst.

Time: 09:50 PM

Accuracy: 90%

What Happened in relation to the cards:

This was indeed a crappy day. First of all my general physical condition got worst. My tooth is really hurting, and I am even more congested. Apparently, one of my students has been coming to school with Mono for the past two weeks, so I am at high risk for getting it. Also, while keeping the medial theme going, I saw my burn specialist this afternoon. This meeting made me feel quite upset because: (1) He was almost an hour late for the appointment; and (2) though he agreed that I absolutely need a compression garment, he couldn’t offer any help in regard to dealing with insurance. I despise the medical / insurance system in the US — in this arrangement the patient’s well being is really not a priority.

Finally, on the work front, I learned some disturbing news that proved yet again of the dirty politics that’s going on there. As we say in Hebrew, “the fish stinks from the head,” meaning that management is the nastiest part of a corporation, and if something is going wrong the leadership positions are the most responsible for it — unfortunately, they’re usually the least accountable.


The Clouds, being the key card has definitely set the tone for my mood today. Things felt uncomfortable and depressing. The Tower + The Scythe seemed to represent medical issues (especially visiting a sergeant’s office, and dealing with toothache. They also added layers of loneliness and gloom.

Homework: Daily Draw for May 8th, 2012

I feel that today’s draw was illusive, but very educational. The Anchor keeps showing up in daily reads, illustrating various aspects of itself.

Time: 6:15 AM.

Weather: 54 Degrees Fahrenheit; Overcast, but the sun is coming out.

Cards Drawn: Anchor + House + Bouquet

Key Card Focus: Anchor

Keywords: Stability / Base / Commitment + Homey / Familial + Pleasant


Feeling secure and comfortable at the home base — Pleasant homeland security, lol. A gift of safe home environment. A stable and pleasant home. Maybe an invitation to a house warming?


Time: 10:05 PM

Anchor + House + Bouquet; Titania and French Cartomancy

Accuracy: 25%

What happened in relation to the cards:

Actually my feelings at home weren’t so secure because I got into an argument with my husband over house chores and other stuff. I am also feeling really congested, so there was not much around the house or work that felt pleasant.

I realized, though, the cards’ true meaning just a few minutes ago, after rereading Andy’s comment about the Anchor’s daily meaning — it was all about my older sister, whose birthday is today. Because we live in different countries we get to communicate via Skype. So today, my two-year-old and I skyped my sister to wish her a happy birthday. My daughter said: “Happy birthday, Lina,” which made my sister over-the-moon pleased. I think she even cried a little. It was without a doubt the best birthday wish she’s gotten today. And it made me feel like a proud mommy!


The real prediction of this reading turned out to be: Pleasant familial commitments, i.e. calling to say happy birthday and feeling satisfied in a special way about it. The Anchor continues to be a theme card recently, and I slowly see the not so apparent aspects of its meaning; especially relating to daily activities.

Daily Draw, May 7th, 2012

This morning I drew three cards from my Pixie Lenormand (1st ed.), and supplemented it with same three cards from the Mystical Lenormand. I also drew one card from The Victorian Flower Oracle.

Time: 8:00 AM

Weather: Cloudy, with a chance of rain — 59 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Cards Drawn: Anchor + Birds + Mountain

Key Card Focus: Anchor

Keywords: Stability + Phone/Email Communication / Stressful + Heavy or Blocked

Anchor + Birds = Communication and anxiety around concepts of security. Birds + Mountain = “Heavy” or blocked emails and/or phone calls. Mountain + Anchor = Inertia

Forget-Me-Not / Farewell: Separation and farewells. Finishing a phase, and moving on. Communicating via phone and email with people who are far away.


I feel that a lot of today’s energy will be spent on heavy, and possibly unfruitful, email and phone communications. Concepts like Inertial and feeling lonely, abandoned, stuck, and blocked are predominating.

I am still feeling under the weather, and have a sore throat and a looming root canal. In addition, I am going to see my burn specialist, who is going to examine my recent surgery site. One of the items I need to purchase ASAP (and fight my medical insurance so they pay for it) is a very expensive and custom compression garment to keep my scars from raising and thickening. Wearing a compression garment feels in a way like being stuck in that Mountain energy.

I feel that these cards could also relate to a specific clients I am going to read for today.


Time: 10:11 PM

Accuracy: 70%

Some of the energy did relate to my client, and the difficulties she’s going through. But the majority of the draw seems to be connected to the events of the day, or rather to the events that didn’t happen today.

(1) Both my husband and I didn’t realize that my burn specialist appointment was scheduled quite early. When I saw the time my appointment is scheduled, I texted him but he didn’t receive my text in time. Eventually, I had to reschedule the appointment.

(2)  The person who was supposed to figure all the information relating to my compression garment ended up leaving me a voicemail saying she was very sorry but she still didn’t have all the needed information. And she’ll be in touch with me as soon as she knows more.

(3) And, I finally ended up getting a dentist appointment, but only for next week. So there’s a delay there too.


It seems that Mountain in today’s context represented largely a delay. Though things are going to fall into place (Anchor), it’s going to take longer than initially anticipated. Also, communication was blocked — my husband didn’t receive my text message in. And I ended up discussing the delay, in a way, via phone; i.e. rescheduling appointments, trying to get appointments, and listening to VMs. Truly, there’s a sense of inertia to today because I didn’t get to do as much as I hoped for, and I am “stuck” in the same place due to not accomplishing as much as I wanted.

Homework: Daily Draw for May 6th, 2012

I am planning to continue posting some of my homework assignments from Cartomantes’ Cabinet group, hoping that it might be of interest to other Lenormand lovers. I am currently working through Lesson 3. The last part of this assignment is to observe and analyze daily draws for a week according to specific criteria.

This morning I pulled the first three cards for this assignment:

Ring + Bouquet + Lilies. ARLO and Britta Kienle decks

Date: Sunday, May 6th 2012. 10:45 AM.

 Weather: Humid, progressing into Thunderstorms with a chance of flooding

Cards Drawn: Ring + Bouquet + Lilies

Key Card Focus: Ring


Commitment /Marriage + Pleasant + Mature


So Ring+Bouquet is throwing me off a bit here because it’s a traditional combo for an engagement. Looking at the three cards I think about 2 things:

(1) I’ll hear from my mother in law and her new boyfriend. I don’t think they’ll get engaged today or any time soon, but maybe there’ll be some news about them. Her name is connected to one of the cards too, so…

(2) The other thing that comes to mind is that I’ll receive a gift from my husband.


Time: 10:00 PM

Accuracy: 90%

We regularly get flowers on the weekend for various altars in our sanctuary. Today my husband bought two bouquets — knowing that in one of them there’s a rose he wanted to give me, since I ended up feeling progressively under the weather. He surprised me by placing a beautiful  rose on my night stand to cheer me up. So I got a pleasant and literal gift of flowers from my husband.


It’s hard for me to disconnect from “big” meanings and combos, and I get especially stuck on them while looking for daily information vs. big / periodical spreads.

Also, I continuously find Lenormand to be very literal. Or maybe Spirit thinks I’m a little slow, so it doesn’t want to overwhelm me with complicated concepts? LOL

Cartomantes Cabinet: First Homework

First things first! I just can’t tell you how excited I am about Andy‘s new outlet for Lenormand study. I am having SO much fun. And a lot of basic things start to make basic and simple sense, which is exactly how things should be.

I am proud to report that I’ve finished the homework for Lesson 1. As part of the work I have committed to the Belgian-Dutch School of Lenormand. I was very surprised because it took me a long time to make a decision regarding which school to follow. I actually ended up doing a pendulum divination asking my grandmother which would be the most beneficial commitment.

One part of the homework, after committing to a one of the Lenormand schools, was to write down two nouns and two adjectives as keywords representing each of the 36 cards. After completing this exercise I realized that reading lines of cards has become more sensible to me. I figured it might be helpful to share these key nouns and adjectives with you too.

I also added symbols to represent positive (+), neutral (~), and negative (–) cards.

Vintage Carta Mundi divided into Positive, Neutral, and Negative cards

Here’s My List

(1) The Cavalier +

Nouns —News; Loverboy

Adjectives — Fast; Young

(2) The Cloverleaf +

Nouns — (small) Luck; Surprise

Adjectives — Happy; Charmed

(3) The Ship ~

Nouns — Travel; Wish / Longing

Adjectives — Far; International

(4) The House ~

Nouns — Home(land); Property

Adjectives — Homey; Familial

(5) The Tree ~

Nouns — Health; Ancestry

Adjectives — Patient; Karmic; Long

(6) The Clouds

Nouns — Confusion; Complication

Adjectives — Murky; Ambiguous; Unpredictable

(7) The Serpent ~

Nouns — Woman; Treachery

Adjectives — Older; Twisting; Complicated

(8) The Coffin

Nouns — End; Sickness

Adjectives — Final; Artistic; Depressing

(9) The Bouquet +

Nouns — Gift; Invitation;

Adjective — Charming; Pleasant;

(10) Scythe

Nouns — Danger; Cut; Accident; Harvest

Adjective — Sudden; Aggressive; Final

(11) The Rod

Nouns — Conversation; Strife; Writing

Adjectives — Repetitive (back-and-forth); Argumentative;

(12) The Birds ~

Nouns — Phone / Electronic Communication; Gossip; Older Couple

Adjectives — Stressful; Double

(13) The Child ~

Nouns — Beginning; Child

Adjectives — New; Small / Little; Fragile

(14) The Fox

Nouns — Stealth; Politics; Rivalry;

Adjectives — Wrong; Manipulated

(15) The Bear ~

Nouns — Strength; (financial) Security; Matriarch

Adjectives — Feminine; Protected

(16) The Stars +

Nouns — Guidance; Hope; Divination; Night

Adjectives — Astrological; Scientific

(17) The Storks ~

Nouns — Movement; Promotion

Adjectives — Changing; Upward

(18) The Dog +

Nouns — a Friend; Fidelity

Adjectives — Loyal; Warm

(19) The High Tower ~

Nouns — Authority; Ambition

Adjective — Lonely; Large; Official

(20) The Park ~

Nouns — Community; Gathering

Adjectives — Many; Spatial / Open; Social

(21) The Mountain

Nouns — Obstacle; Enemy; Delay

Adjectives — Blocked; Bordering; Heavy

(22) The Road ~

Nouns — Choice; Decision; Midlife Crisis

Adjectives — Important; Alternative;

(23) The Mice

Nouns — Loss; Theft; Gnawing

Adjectives — Undiagnosed; Unpleasant

(24) The Heart +

Nouns — Love; Affection

Adjectives — Flirtatious; Platonic / Romantic;

(25) The Ring +

Nouns — Commitment; Marriage

Adjectives — Contractual; Cyclical

(26) The Book ~

Nouns — Secret; Knowledge / Education

Adjectives — Unknown; to be Learned;

(27) The Letter ~

Nouns — Message; Paper / Card / Email

Adjectives — Impersonal (not delivered in person); Superficial

(28) The Gentleman

Nouns — Querent; Male

Adjectives — Significant; Masculine;

(29) The Lady

Nouns — Querent; Female

Adjectives — Significant; Feminine

(30) The Lilies ~

Nouns — Sex; Family

Adjectives — Mature; Sexual

(31) The Sun +

Nouns — Success; (big) Luck; Gain;

Adjectives — Happy; Ambitious; Confident

(32) The Moon ~

Nouns — Work; Recognition

Adjectives — Creative; Famous; Satisfied

(33) The Key +

Nouns — Destiny; “Yes”; Mastery

Adjectives — Certain; Fixed

(34) The Fish ~

Nouns — Money; Liquids; Business;

Adjectives — Abundant; Deep; Prosperous

(35) The Anchor ~

Nouns — Stability; Security

Adjectives — Grounded; Strong

(36) The Cross

Nouns — Burden; Full Stop / End; Challenge

Adjectives — Unpleasant; Difficult; Religious

Lenormand: Cartomantes’ Cabinet

I know that some of you are interested in learning Lenormand as much as I do. One of my favorite bloggers, Andy BC, has started a forum that is dedicated solely to studying the traditional Lenormand.  I highly encourage you to try and join this free group while it’s still open for registration.

I also just found out that Andy allows you to choose which school of Lenormand you prefer to follow, as long as you stick with it. I find it quite refreshing. I am still trying to figure out whether I’ll be working with the Dutch-Belgian or the German school. I have a lot of interest in learning the Russian system too, but am worried that there’s now enough material available about it. The forum also links to free definitions from each school (mainly from Aeclectic Tarot Forum), so everybody has access to them.

In any case, here’s Andy’s blog post where he announces he’s going to be starting the forum, and where you can find a link to it. I hope to see you there!

Lenormand: Cartomantes’ Cabinet (Opening Soon).