Finding a Lost Object Using the Lenormand

So it might appear like a petty, even a dumb draw; but it illustrates precisely why traditional Lenormand is by far one of my favorite divination systems:

(1) It’s practical

(2) It’s unpretentious

(3) And it’s uber accurate

A Case of a Lost DVD Cover

My husband and I rent DVDs for our young daughter at the local library. She is three and a half, and has been a fan of Angelina Ballerina for about half of her life. So last time we went to the library we rented Mousical Medleys, which is an Angelina Ballerina feature. And today the time has come to return the DVD.

Although the actual disk was still in the DVD player, my husband couldn’t find the film’s case for the life of him. He looked all around the basement — which is our family room, and where the TV is located — but Mousical Medleys was nowhere to be found.

The DVD case wasn’t behind the TV stand. I was neither under the couch, nor in the toy basket.

“I have no clue where it is,” hubby announced in somewhat annoyed manner.

“I’ll find it,” I said.


“I’ll throw some cards on it.”

Standing in the doorway separating the unfinished part of the basement from the common area, he gave me the typical look husbands of fortune tellers give their wives when we grab at the “supernatural” to mend the general household affairs — it looks like something like a fuse between the “yeah, right” look, and the “oh shit” gaze — and moved on onto the next item on his to do list.

For the task at hand I picked the Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris, which is a collection of all the 36 Lenormand symbols in a form of tiny charms. I love using these because it’s easy placing them on letter-size Lenormand house printouts. (Carrie actually provides some cool charts on her site to be used with the Magpie Oracle.) Casting the Magpie charms reminds me casting bones, just in a less involved and formal manner.

So back to the story; For my investigation I used a Lenormand Houses chart, casting 3 charms onto specific houses to try figuring out where the DVD Case is hiding.

The first charm was a mouse! I knew I was on the right track immediately:

(a) the Mice card talks about losses and theft;

(b) the actual MIA object was a cover of an animation about a mouse ballerina and her mousling friend dancers;

I placed that charm on the House position in the chart. The next draw was an Owl, which I placed in the house of Mice. Finally, I drew the Sun charm, placing it in the Birds / Owls space.

Mouse+Owl+Sun on Magpie Oracle

Together Mice+Birds+Sun zoned on a very specific area where the lost object is located. In this specific draw I was interested in physical locations and characteristics attributed to the cards. For instance, The Mice card points to the basement — so I knew the DVD cover hasn’t “left” the family room area. The Birds represent all forms of communication, and our internet modem is located in the basement, behind the TV. The owls, specifically, also made me think of glasses because it’s a card that relates to vision issues — and I keep a pair of glasses right next to the modem, which is by the TV, for the rare occasions when I actually have the time to watch movies with the rest of the crew. Finally, the Sun stands for electricity, and TVs specifically.

Magpie Charms & mini Marseille Lenormand

My conclusion was that the cover of Mousical Medleys must still be right there, by the TV, the modem, and the DVD player.

It took me about 5 seconds to move a few large children books laying on the TV stand, right by the DVD player to find the missing case. “You gotta be kidding me,” I said to hubby who saw me in action and now was scratching his head in disbelief.

the DVD case is "hiding" under books


Lenormand couldn’t be more precise. Like a sonar of sorts it gave me an exact location. I didn’t need to invoke spirits, form a psychological profile of my family, or connect to my inner child.

And this is why i love Lenormand!

Finding the lost DVD case


Madame Nadia 

Summertime: A 3-Months Russian Gypsy Draw

Summertime, time, time,
Child, the living’s easy.
Fish are jumping out
And the cotton, Lord,
Cotton’s high, Lord, so high.

The sun is shining bright and the countdown has begun! My solar return commences in less than 24 hours, crowned with a Rose Full Moon is Sagittarius and a partial Lunar Eclipse. Also, two whole weeks of summer break start in a week and a day from today. And here’s the cherry on the icing: we’ll be on a plane to the mysterious city of my fantasies, New Orleans, in 9 days — Child, the living’s easy!

Well, maybe not that easy considering the job front is starting to borderline unbearable again. But summer beats even that. My life is a carnival. I am aware of that. And so over a ride on the roller coaster I pick the ferris wheel consciously. Too old for drama, I’m intent on manifesting a calmer type of happiness. And when I am completely loosing my zen, I will try to remind myself of the following Russian proverb:

G-d’s with us, and hell’s with them!

Talking about proverbs, I figured that today would be a good day to set some periodical fortunetelling in place with the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards. Summertime, here I come!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[# Title — General card description; Prediction based on a specific position. Time period]

40 Knot — Family Ties; You have tied strong knots for a lifetime. Life

31 Sun — Warmth and strength of character. Immediate to middle.

Your daddy’s rich
And your ma is so good-looking, baby.
She’s looking good now,
Hush, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby,
No, no, no, no, don’t you cry.
Don’t you cry!

36 Handshake — State of the union between two people; The handshake will weaken if you don’t make an effort to strengthen it. Middle to life.

35 Anchor — Stability or hindrance; Disillusionment with the ideal / doubts. Middle

50 Bread — Happiness; Profit and happiness in the house, success in business affairs. Middle.

One of these mornings
You’re gonna rise, rise up singing,
You’re gonna spread your wings,
Child, and take, take to the sky,
Lord, the sky.

Last Card (outcome):

39 Horse (no match) — Emotional upheaval; Your feelings will be trampled upon. Immediate.

But until that morning
Honey, n-n-nothing’s going to harm you now,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
Don’t you cry,

I wish everybody a wonderful summer, full of sunny, bright days, and lucky and happy fortunes. with this in mind, today I leave you with Janis because nobody does Summertime better than her. Bless your soul, sister!

Homework: Daily Draw — Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Today is the last day of my 3-Card Daily Draw exercise that I’ve been faithfully performing for a week as part of my homework in Cartomantes’ Cabinet. I am very excited for the progress I made in my Lenormand study. Things definitely make more sense, and readings become more fluid.

I pulled a card from the Silent Tarot deck, and 3 cards from Les Vieux Jours Lenormand. Both of these decks can be visually overstimulating, so I supplemented the draw with same cards from the ARLO pack to be able to focus on the symbols better. 

Time: 8:30 AM

 Weather: 61 Degrees, Possible Thunder storms

Tarot Cards Drawn: Sun — Being Aware

Lenormand Cards Drawn: Key + Path + Garden

Key Card Focus: Key

Keywords: Destiny / Mastery / Yes — Opening Doors + Choice / Alternative / Important + Community / Social / Popular

Prediction: Feeling successful in social situations. Becoming more popular as a reader. Feeling more secure with Lenormand.


Sun tarot card & Key + Path + Park

Time: 11:30 PM

 Accuracy: 75%

What Happened in relation to the cards:

I really didn’t feel very accomplished in social settings or in my communication with others. But I did get more divination / spiritual work clients. And I am feeling much more accomplished in my Lenormand work.


Looking at this in retrospective makes me think of Road Opener type of spiritual work — or seeing that some blockages are lifting.  Also, I noticed that there was information coming from different directions, and I needed more effort to be grounded in order to receive it.

Personal Readings — weekly & daily look

OK, this is the first “official” time I am attempting a full blown, personal, Tableau Vivant. Bless me, Mlle Lenormand! 

Personal GT -- April 9th - 16th, using the French Cartomancy Deck

Here are the cards, in order of appearance:

First Row: Mice, Coffin, Fish, Ring, Cross, Lilies, Snake, Birchrod.

Second row: Sun, Tower, Fox, Lady, Rider, Heart, Gentleman, Letter.

Third Row: Ship, Birds, Stars, Clouds, Crossroads, Mountain, Clover, Garden.

Fourth Row: Anchor, Key, Child, Book, Tree, Moon, House, Bear.

Firth Row: Bouquet, Scythe, Dog, Stork.

And here is a daily personal draw, using Postmark Lenormand and Pettit Etteilla.

Although the Postmark Lenormand cards appear unshuffled, I am faithfully accepting the fact that each draw is perfect.

Etteilla Draw:

9 Spades (Rx – Reversed) — Ace Clubs (RX) — Significator — 9 Clubs (RX) — King of Clubs (RX)

* I must mention that I do not speak French, so I use an online translator to understand the meanings on the cards. 

Lenormand Draw:

Sun — Moon — Key

Lenormand messages are everywhere!

I just glanced over my Facebook feed and saw this gorgeous image of the Orisha Yemaya, posted by Religion Yaruba.

Orisha Yemaya, Mother of the Oceans, with several lucky symbols of Lenormand

It made me so happy seeing how many lucky Lenormand symbols are in this one painting, surrounding a glorious Yaruban deity with whom my Spirit is personally intwined.

In this image Yemaya is framed by Fish and Star(fish). Behind Her shines a radiant Sun. Adorned with a flowing blue dress of the oceans, a prominent Anchor decorates Yemaya’s torso.

Her message couldn’t be more auspicious! Maferfun Yemaya! Thank you, mami!

Daily Draw: Moon + Bear + Sun

It’s been real hard keeping my eyes open. Between Norco every 4 hours and still coming down off of 3 hours of anesthesia on Tuesday, I look like what I would imagine an opium junky looks. And I feel in between the worlds.

In any case, I pulled 3 cards from my Postmark Lenormand to figure out what’s going on, while working real hard not to fall asleep. The cards I pulled are Moon-Bear-Sun.

Moon - Bear - Sun from the Postmark Lenormand.

The first thing that registers is the Bear. I see it as my physical body; it’s working so hard to heal. Big and inflexible, I lay in pain on the bed.

The second thing that I feel is the tension between the Moon and the Bear. In my condition it translates as hibernation — my inability to stay fully awake for more than 45 minutes. This intense resting is necessary to survive. And it makes me look like a bear with an opium addiction.

Finally, the Bear and the Sun: Maybe tomorrow will be better than today? My internal sun speaks through the cards again (yesterday it showed up as the Lamb in the 8 of Disks). I hope tomorrow I’ll have more energy and vitality. I hope my outlook will be brighter and more positive. I hope my shoulder and left thigh will hurt less.

But now my eyes are closing. And it feels like my shoulder is being poked with a knife. I must go and hibernate again, while waiting for the sun.

Memorable Reads

Every reading is unique, and, as my Playing Cards Oracle teacher, Ana Cortez, says: “Perfect!” Divination and fortunetelling are transformative arts. As we grow in our techniques, mature into our wisdom, and develop sturdier bonds of trust with our intuition, so do the perfection and intricacy of our predictions grow and blossom. Yet at times some spreads seem confusing and complicated, while others communicate to us brilliantly clear.

And some of those become memorable. These are the draws that stay in my mind as pivotal touches of Spirits. A reminder of the power of the Divine, and the ability to predict that which will come.

Recently I had such experience. About 3 weeks ago, as part of my attempt to learn the Lenormand system, I drew 5 cards to read about the following day. It happened to be February 29th, a Leap day. And I wanted to get insight into March 1st.

The cards I pulled were:

Sun  +  Coffin  +  Letter  +  Bear  +  Garden

Mystical Lenormand deck Sun+Coffin+Letter+Bear+Garden

The following morning, while on my way to work, I called my parents. March 1st is their anniversary, and I phoned to congratulate them. Hearing my mother’s voice I begun with the usual :”I wish you…,” but she stopped me. “Your uncle had a heart attack,” she said. “He is in the emergency room. We don’t have much details yet.”

A mental image of last night’s spread flashed in my mind’s eye. I told my mother not to worry. “Uncle Sasha is going to be OK. I saw it in the cards.”

The more I thought about that spread the more I was amazed at the accuracy of the information. The Sun represented my parents’ anniversary and my uncle’s vitality, the Coffin stood for the heart attack — my uncle being confined to a bed in a hospital. The Letter is the news that reached me via phone (actually my father had also emailed me 5 minutes before I called them, but I saw the email only afterward).

Bear and Garden represented my uncle’s physical strength and great social support. These are the two cards that made me tell my mother that he will be all right. And he is! Uncle Sasha is home, and back to his usual energetic self. I was told he went fishing straight after being discharged from the hospital.